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Dasein Cloud is an Open Source cloud abstraction library for Java under the Apache Software License v2.0. REGULAR CODE COMMITS DO NOT HAPPEN AGAINST THIS REPOSITORY. This project is simply a shell with references to submodules. Visit the linked submodules for active work against a specific cloud.
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dasein-cloud-cloudsigma @ 9fd832a Added sub-module for CloudSigma
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dasein-cloud-gogrid @ dec7b4b Added more submodules
dasein-cloud-google @ ce712d5 Added link to GCE
dasein-cloud-ibm @ a018b95 Added IBM submodule
dasein-cloud-joyent @ de4ed78 Added Joyent submodule
dasein-cloud-mock @ 5b715b3 Added reference to the mock cloud project
dasein-cloud-nimbula @ 22c3a87 Added Nimbula sub-module
dasein-cloud-openstack @ 96a3507 Added more submodules
dasein-cloud-opsource @ f3655c1 Added OpSource sub-module
dasein-cloud-rackspace @ 8cdf226 Added sub-module for the legacy Rackspace Cloud
dasein-cloud-skeleton @ 19324c4 Added Skeleton submodule
dasein-cloud-softlayer @ a69ced9 Added SoftLayer sub-module
dasein-cloud-terremark @ 2dd5988 Added Terremark submodule
dasein-cloud-test @ 2629c09 Added submodules
dasein-cloud-tier3 @ dbc3eda Added Dell ASM and Tier 3
dasein-cloud-vcloud @ b5bcbf0 Added vCloud submodule
dasein-cloud-virtustream @ df83257 Added reference to VirtuSteam implementation
dasein-cloud-vsphere @ cfd4af2 Added more submodules
dasein-cloud-zimory @ 4dc01b4 Added Zimory sub-module
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For the latest information, details on how to contrib and branching, and other information, see:

For online collaboration and questions, join the HipChat at:

For discussion, join the Dasein Cloud Google Groups group:!forum/dasein-cloud

Dasein Cloud (pronounced "da z-eye-n") is a Java-based cloud abstraction layer that enables programmers to build applications under a "write-once, run against any cloud" philosophy. It provides an abstract model under which most IaaS and some PaaS services can be modeled. You write your application to the Dasein Cloud model and it is then translated into the underlying cloud provider model.

It's not a least-common denominator approach, however. Dasein Cloud serves up a meta-data layer that enables an application to dynamically discover the capabilities of the cloud with which it is operating. You therefore create conditional logic based solely on the Dasein model and successfully deal with the nuances and unique capabilities of each cloud.

"Dasein" comes from the philosophical concept called Dasein (

The main Dasein Cloud project is a shell that contains many different Git sub-modules. The most important sub-module is dasein-cloud-core. The core contains the Dasein Cloud object model against which you write your applications. You should not have any compile-time dependencies on any other Dasein sub-modules. All other sub-modules except dasein-cloud-test, dasein-cloud-mock, dasein-cloud-cli, and dasein-cloud-skeleton are implementations of the Dasein Cloud model for specific clouds. You include the ones you need as runtime dependencies.

dasein-cloud-core also includes examples of using Dasein Cloud in an application.

dasein-cloud-test is a pre-configured test suite for people implementing Dasein Cloud for specific clouds so they can verify their implementation functions according to the specification.

dasein-cloud-mock is an implementation of Dasein Cloud that mocks an actual cloud. When testing your cloud applications, you run the tests against dasein-cloud-mock instead of a specific cloud in order to facilitate unit tests. It mocks delays in state changes (such as the fact that launching a VM is never immediate).

dasein-cloud-cli is a command-line library for talking to clouds.

dasein-cloud-skeleton is a skeleton implementation that can be useful when starting out writing your own Dasein Cloud implementation for a new cloud.

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