Gambot is a modular IRC bot written in Perl.
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This README was last updated April 29 2012

About Gambot

Gambot is an IRC bot framework. It is written in perl.

Major features


  • The core is very lean and very fast.
  • Low memory usage.
  • The main loop's rate limit is adjustable. Give your Gambot as much or as little of your CPU time as you want.

Full Asynchronism

  • Messages don't get parsed in order.
  • Can handle an infinite amount of messages simultaneously (given infinite resources).
  • If you have certain commands that take longer (maybe they require network resources) they won't slow down the entire bot.
  • The core script acts as a server, with many clients connecting to it; again these are all handled asynchronously.

On the fly updates

  • The only time you have to reconnect or restart is when updating the core.
  • Changes to message parsers are instantly live on the bot.
  • Changes to child scripts simply require issuing a command to reload those.
  • Changes to configuration files can likewise be reloaded with commands.

Code in any language

  • The core is written in perl, but you can extend it in any programming language you want.
  • As long as it can read STDIN and print to STDOUT, it will work.

Setting up

  • Just run "", edit "configurations/config.txt", and type "reload_config>" into the terminal.
  • From there you'll have to follow the setup instructions of whatever add-ons, message parsers, and extensions you're using.

Coding for Gambot

  • There are files in the documentation folder about all the different aspects of programming for Gambot.
  • The code is also well commented, and several example extensions and parsers are included.


Bug reports at: