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Setting up a project

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To start a new project, run:

$ composer create-project grrr-amsterdam/wordpress-scaffold <project-name>

This will create a new project in the chosen directory. After the project is created by Composer, an interactive shell will be initiated. This interactive setup will prompt you with some questions, and will concurrently run the some tasks:


  • Install Composer dependencies
  • Create and prefill a .env file (essentials only)
  • Create a database (if a database server is available and credentials are correct)
  • Install WordPress
  • Install plugins & other dependencies
  • Rename the theme folder
  • Prefill the style.css theme file
  • Install Node.js packages
  • Run yarn build to generate the theme assets
  • Activate the theme
  • Activate default plugins
  • Set some WordPress settings (like permalink structure, timezone, disabling comments)