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Photo evaluation tool for and by Wiki Loves competitions

Round-based photo evaluation is a crucial step in the "Wiki Loves" series of photography competitions. Montage provides a configurable workflow that adapts to the conventions of all groups.


pip install tox into your virtualenv, then tox.


Ensure you have the necessary libraries by running pip install -r requirements-dev.txt in a virtualenv of your choosing.

  1. Ensure all changes are committed
  2. Run the tests (tox)
  3. Deploy to the dev instance with fab deploy. Ensure the script runs successfully.
    1. Check that the the dev site came back up fine.
    2. Log in and test things out.
    3. Check the montage-dev sentry (devlabs)
  4. Use the audit log to check that the production instance isn't in active use.
  5. Deploy to the production instance with fab deploy:tool=montage
    1. Check that the the production site came back up fine.
    2. Log in and test things out.
    3. Check the montage sentry (prod)

Some tips (at the time of writing):

  • fab deploy without arguments will deploy master to montage-dev.
    • To change this, use a command of this format: fab deploy:branch=other-branch,tool=montage-beta
    • It will fail with a helpful message if your branch is not sync'd with origin. Push those commits!
  • If you see a huge golang stack trace from fab deploy, it's likely this bug. These seem to fix themselves, come back later if you can, otherwise check out the thread for details on using GOMAXPROCS.
  • All this only deploys the backend for now.