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HCS Bootcamp: Git

By Kenny Yu


In order to start this bootcamp, you must:

  • Setup your environment, using directions from here. In particular, you must have a UNIX environment (e.g. Mac OS X, Ubuntu, CS50 Appliance, NOT Windows), and you must have git installed
  • Create a github account, and fill out this survey
  • Setup your ssh keys:


In this bootcamp, we'll cover:

  • What is source control, what is git, and why do we use git
  • Basic git commands
  • Using git with github

Here are the associated slides: Slides


  1. What is git
  2. Exercise: Github forking
  3. Git data model
  4. Basic git workflow
  5. Exercise: Scavenger Hunt, Solutions
  6. Exercise: Committing and Pushing
  7. Exercise: Resolving Merge Conflicts
  8. Exercise: Reverting a commit
  9. Exercise: Making a Pull Request
  10. Git best practices