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SURF - Speeded Up Robust Features

This is the original source code of SURF, Speeded Up Robust Features


The library has been compiled using g++, version 4.0.2, for usage on a machine Pentium 4 or better. To use the library in your program, you need to use the same compiler version.

Update: You can compile it for your architecture. Please find the sources in SURF-source

If you require the library to be compiled using another compiler, or another platform (such as Athlon XP), please contact us.


Execute surf.ln without any argument in order to get more information concerning the usage and possible parameters.

Use "make match.ln" to compile the matching demo application.

Data Format

The output format of SURF is as follows:

(1 + length of descriptor) number of points x y a b c l des x y a b c l des ...

x, y = position of interest point a, b, c = [a b; b c] entries of second moment matrix. SURF only has circular regions, hence b = 0; a = c -> radius = 1 / a^2 l = sign of laplacian (-1 or 1) des = descriptor vector itself

Data Input Format

If only the SURF descriptor should be computed, the -p1 command can be used. As an argument, it takes a file of the following format:

(dummy byte) number of points x y a b c x y a b c

Where, as above, [a b; b c] forms the second moment matrix. Note that SURF uses circular regions. Hence, a = c and b = 0.

Licensing conditions

This software is being made available for research purposes only. It is necessary to obtain a license (see LICENSE file) for commercial applications.