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Analysis of Coronavirus outbreak data with Pharo
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Analysis of Coronavirus outbreak data with Pharo 8.x


Metacello new
   baseline: 'COVID19';
   repository: 'github://hernanmd/COVID-2019/src';


Data Visualization

For visualization of cases as provided by CSSEGISandData, evaluate in Pharo 8:

BioCOVID19Viz exampleLiveData


For genomic analysis install BioSmalltalk and evaluate the following one-liner to align the sequences with MAFFT:

BioCOVID19GenomicAnalysis alignSeqs.

To add accession numbers as they appear in the NCBI GenBank repository, edit the class side methods matching the sequencing location:

  • seqsFromChina
  • seqsFromItaly
  • seqsFromUSA
  • ...

The resulting alignment is written in 'mafft_output.align' in the Pharo image directory.

Accessions are retrieved from,%20taxid:2697049

Reference Genome download

To download the latest build of the reference genome (as of 01/02/2020) from NCBI:

BionCoV2019GD new download.

Downloaded files are located into the Pharo image directory.


To create a GitHub Pharo project with Continuous Integration support from scrath follow this video.


Sample output

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