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Check out a demo on the website!
Download the latest version

What is Showpony?

A multimedia UI. It comes with modules for text, comics, video, and more, with the option to add additional modules as you want.

What are some of its awesome features?

  • Fullscreen: on any device, for any medium!
  • Easy archives: go to the menu and just drag across the screen to go to any part quickly!
  • Easy install: 1 line of HTML will take care of you in most cases. No dependencies, you just need to be running PHP 7 or higher.
  • Automatic bookmarks: both locally and remotely saved.
  • Mix media: video, comics, songs, books, and more can all be viewed in a streamlined experience!
  • Cross-device: supports touch screens, keyboard and mouse, and gamepads!
  • Cross-browser: recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari, including mobile versions!

What media can I work in with Showpony?

You just need modules for the different media. Included right now, you have:

  • Text
  • Comics
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Visual Novels

Also in the works are:

  • Interactive Fiction
  • Screenplays
  • Stageplays
  • Videogames (will likely be limited)

How can I support Showpony's development?

A few ways, no obligation:

  • Tell others about Showpony
  • Test Showpony out and send me bug reports by email ( or on Twitter (@joshpowlison)
  • Get involved as a programmer!
  • Send me money and let me know it's for Showpony, and I'll try to put more hours towards it (since I can't make any promises, view this as a donation, not as payment)!

Thank you for supporting the open source community, BrowserStack!