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Haxe/Lua externs for the Defold game engine

Build Status

Defold API version: 1.2.113


// define script component data
// fields having @property metadata are visible in component editor
typedef GreeterData = {
    @property(true) var greet:Bool;

// define script by inheriting `Script` class with specified data type
class Greeter extends defold.support.Script<GreeterData> {
    // override callback function
    override function init(data:GreeterData) {
        if (data.greet)
            trace('Hello, World!');


Required Haxe compilation flags:

  • -lib hxdefold - use this library, obviously
  • -lua something.lua - the output lua module
  • --macro defold.support.ScriptMacro.use(".") - generate glue .script files for script classes, first argument is the path to Defold project root folder

Recommended additional Haxe compilation flags:

  • -D analyzer-optimize - enable static compile-time optimizations resulting in smaller and faster code
  • -D luajit - compile for LuaJIT, because that's what Defold uses

More docs to be written...

Here's some generated Haxe API documentation.

And example Defold projects, ported from Lua:

How does it work?

Since version 3.4, Haxe supports compiling to Lua, making it possible to use Haxe with Lua-based engines, such as Defold.

However, this requires a bit of autogenerated glue code, because Defold expects scripts to be in separate files, while Haxe compiles everything in a single lua module. So what we do, is generate a simple glue .script file for each class extending defold.support.Script base class.

For example, for the Greeter script from this README, this glue code is generated in the Greeter.script file:

-- Generated by Haxe, DO NOT EDIT (original source: src/Greeter.hx:8: lines 8-14)

require "main"

go.property("greet", true)

local script = Greeter.new()

function init(data)

You can then use this script in Defold game objects.