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Install Guide Mac Certificates

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This guide is based on Paul Kehrer's original [post] (

Apple uses both HTTP and HTTPS traffic for the official Trailers application. For PlexConnect to function we must generate and install a certificate on both the AppleTV and the PlexConnect server.

This guide shows only the iPhone Configuration Utility method. To see the Apple Configurator method follow the link to the original blog above.

Create the Certificate

Open a terminal window ( on Mac) and run the following command

openssl req -new -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -out ~/Desktop/trailers.pem -keyout ~/Desktop/trailers.key -x509 -days 7300 -subj "/C=US/"

This will create two files on your desktop: trailers.key and trailers.pem. Next run this:

openssl x509 -in ~/Desktop/trailers.pem -outform der -out ~/Desktop/trailers.cer && cat ~/Desktop/trailers.key >> ~/Desktop/trailers.pem

3 files should now be on your desktop (trailers.pem, trailers.key, and trailers.cer). We’ll be using them shortly.

Add the Certificate files to PlexConnect

Place the trailers.pem and trailers.cer files into the following folder:

<your plexconnect install folder> /assets/certificates/trailers.pem


You're now finished generating the SSL certificates.

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