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Install Guide Windows

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  1. Install Python 2.7.X
  2. Extract and run PlexConnect
  3. Create Certificates and install them on the AppleTV
  4. Run PlexConnect


  1. Download Python 2.7.X Windows Installer here and install it.

    NOTE: Please ensure the correct version is installed, PlexConnect will not work with Python 3.X.

  2. Extract the PlexConnect archive you [downloaded earlier] ( We recommend extracting it to "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Program Files (x86)" on x64 systems; if you use either of these folders and are running Windows 7 or later ensure that the directory has the correct read/write permissions.

  3. Generate the SSL Certificates by following the [Windows Certificate Guide] (

  4. Run PlexConnect by double-clicking "" from your installed folder. Upon first run, Windows will prompt you for firewall exceptions - Click "Allow Access"

    Windows Firewall

    You should now see messages like these in the CMD window:

    Windows PlexConnect

    Write down the IP_Self: ###.###.###.### address as you will need it for the next step.

    You can now minimize the CMD window.

    To shut PlexConnect down cleanly use CTRL-C (do not just close the Terminal window).

If you wish to run PlexConnect as a service, so that it automatically starts at boot, see here.

For manual configuration and advanced features see the [Advanced Settings page.] (

[Return to Install Guide] (

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