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OSX and ATV with 5.2 firmware and ethernet internet connection installation guide

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Ensuring that your PlexConnect machine always has the same IP address

In order for PlexConnect to work the ATV has to have its DNS server changed to the IP address of the device running the PlexConnect application. In order to ensure that the device's IP does not change you need to need to either set a DHCP reservation or static IP in your router for the device and then make a note of it. Click here for a Lifehacker guide on how to set this up.

Configuring your ATV

On the main screen of your ATV select the 'settings' button:

5.2 main screen

On the settings screen of your ATV select the 'general' button:

5.2 settings - general button

On the general screen of your ATV select the 'network' button:

5.2 general - network button

On the network screen of your ATV select the 'ethernet button' (if you are connected via wireless then select that instead):

5.2 select network connection ethernet

Make a note of the current DNS server as this is needed for one of the optional steps in the advanced setup options, then click on the 'configure DNS' button:

5.2 note current DNS and select configure DNS

On the 'configure DNS' screen click on the 'manually' button:

5.2 select to configure DNS manually

On the 'configure DNS' screen change the IP address to that of the local IP of the device that you are running the PlexConnect application on and then click on the 'done' button (if you are using a firmware prior to 5.2 it may ask you to configure the IP address of your router and the subnet mask, leave them unchanged):

5.2 configure your PlexConnect device local IP as the new DNS server value

It should return you to the previous network configuration screen, check that the DNS server is set to manual and that the IP address is now that of the machine that you are running PlexConnect on:

5.2 check DNS server is now pointing at your PlexConnect device

Downloading, installing and configuring PlexConnect

  1. PlexConnect 0.1 can be downloaded from here. If you want to live life on the bleeding edge and have aTV firmware 5.1 or newer you can download the latest zip from Github here. NB do not expect support on any branches as they are either running test or outdated code.

  2. Once you have downloaded the zip file, place it in a directory of your choosing on the machine you wish to run PlexConnect on and unzip it.

  3. Open a terminal window and change its directory to that of the PlexConnect folder, either by:

  • typing "cd", without the quotes, hitting space, then dragging the folder to the terminal window and hitting the return/enter key


  1. Type "sudo ./", without the quotes and hit return.

  2. It will then ask to enter your password for your Mac, so enter this and hit return (NB it will not show anything as you type!).

  3. You should see output in the terminal as PlexConnect starts.

  4. Open the Trailer application on your ATV and you should see the PlexConnect interface appear.

  5. Enjoy

NB if you have any issues please refer to this before posting.

Advanced settings

How to edit the new advanced settings..

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