A social group platform.
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Known: a social group platform

Known - A social group platform

Installation Build Status

One-click Known sites

A fully-managed hosted service is provided at https://withknown.com/. It is always kept up to date with the latest version of Known.

If you want to install on your own web space, we recommend Reclaim Hosting, which includes one-click Known installation.


Known is under active development and requires PHP 5.4+ with selected extensions, together with a supported database backend.

If you are installing Known for use on your own website, we HIGHLY recommend using the installable packages from https://withknown.com/opensource. Installation will be much easier!

You can also opt to check out the bleeding edge code from the git repository: https://github.com/idno/Known

Detailed installation instructions: http://docs.withknown.com/en/latest/install/index.html

Support us

Get support

Community links

For details on contributing to the Known project, please read CONTRIBUTORS.md.

Copyright and License

Except for included third-party projects, Known is (c) Known, Inc.

Unless otherwise stated, Known is licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0. See LICENSE for more information.

Known logos are (c) Known, Inc. Permission from Known, Inc is required to use the Known name or logo as part of any project, product, service, domain or company name, except as included in official themes distributed by Known.

Logos of external services are (c) their respective owners. All rights reserved.

Third party libraries are licensed separately.

Known also contains