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The JavaScript Tutorial

This repository hosts the content of the Modern JavaScript Tutorial, published at


(In alphabetical order):

Language Github Translation leads Translated (%) Published
Chinese @leviding -
Danish @ockey -
German @MartilEls -
Japanese @KenjiI -
Persian @Goudarz -
Russian @iliakan
Turkish @sahinyanlik -

If you'd like to translate it into your language, please clone the repository, change its name to javascript-tutorial-... (by the language) and create an issue for me to add you to the list.

You can edit the text in any editor (markdown-like syntax). The server to run the tutorial locally and see how it looks is at


Every chapter, article or a task has its folder.

The folder is named like N-url, where N is a number for the sorting purposes and url is the URL part with title of the material.

The type of the material is defined by the file inside the folder:

  • stands for a chapter
  • stands for an article
  • stands for a task (solution must be provided in file aswell)

Each of these files starts from the # Main header.