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PullToRefresh any views except for tableview and scrollview for iOS
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Do you know EGOTableViewPullRefresh?Yes,It's a great pull down to refresh control.However,It just seems to be effective for UITableView and UIScrollView,so I write this WrBasicRefreshView control which can pull any kinds of UIView down to refresh.

WrBasicRefreshView is very simple,and you can use it just like this:

  1. add "wrrefresh" folder to your project;

  2. init "WrBasicRefreshView" by calling initRefresh method,for example:


    WrBasicRefreshView *wrView = [[WrBasicRefreshView alloc] initRefresh:self.view timeout:0];

    wrView.delegate = self;

    [self.view addSubview:wrView];


    "self.view" is the view except for UITableView and UIScrollView that you want to pull down to refresh.

  3. implement method: -(void)wrBasicRefreshUpdatingData:(WrBasicRefreshView*)wrView;

  4. After data was loaded,just call "wrBasicRefreshLoadedData" method to recovery view(you also can set a timeout when init to do this automatically).

I'm a beginner,and WrBasicRefreshView have not been fully tested.Hope help to you.

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