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SMACX Thinker Mod

Thinker is an AI improvement mod for Alpha Centauri: Alien Crossfire. This mod increases the level of challenge in single player while providing many gameplay enhancements. By patching the game to use an additional DLL, new functionality can be developed in C++. Most important features include:

  • Vastly improved production/terraforming AI
  • Improved code for AI social engineering choices
  • AI combat units are rewritten to use more variety in tactics
  • AI colony pods reach their destinations much more often
  • More config options for many previously fixed settings in the game engine
  • Many enhancements to random map generation/spawn locations
  • Visual changes on how base name labels are emphasized on the map
  • Mod also includes Scient's patches

This mod is tested to work with the GOG version of Alpha Centauri. Note that official Alien Crossfire patch version 2.0 must be installed for the launcher to work with terranx.exe. Older game version 1.0 is NOT supported by Thinker. Installing Scient's patch v2.x also works since this binary can be used by the launcher.

See more information about the features and recommended settings. It's strongly recommended to read as many features provided by the mod are not present in the vanilla game. Discuss here about anything related to Thinker development. Remember also to star and watch the repository to receive notifications about new updates.


This is the only place to download binary releases. See also the Changelog for useful release notes.


  1. Extract the files to Alpha Centauri game folder. Alphax.txt changes are optional.
  2. Check and for useful information.
  3. Change configuration from thinker.ini or just use the defaults.
  4. Start the game from thinker.exe.
  5. The launcher requires original Alien Crossfire v2.0 terranx.exe in the same folder but this file is not modified on disk. In case of startup problems, make sure the official v2.0 patch is applied on the game. Sometimes startup issues can be fixed by enabling Windows XP compatibility mode on terranx.exe.
  6. Press ALT+T to open Thinker's options menu. Other option is to check that mod version/build date is visible in the game version menu (Ctrl+F4).
  7. If none of those options display mod version, Thinker is incorrectly installed and not loaded.

Other mods

  • SMAC-in-SMACX mod can be installed to play a game similar to original SMAC from the SMACX game binary while Thinker is enabled.
  • PRACX graphics enhancement patch can be used together with Thinker. For possible issues before installing see compatibility with other mods. For easiest installation, download version 1.11 or later.
  • OpenSMACX is a long-term project to decompile and create a full open source clone of SMACX.


For information on how to compile Thinker, see


This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2, or (at your option) version 3 of the GPL. See License.txt for details.

The original game assets are not covered by this license and remain property of Firaxis Games Inc and Electronic Arts Inc.

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire is Copyright © 1997, 1998 by Firaxis Games Inc and Electronic Arts Inc.