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Xaml (moonlight/silverlight) previewer for mono
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XamlPreviewer (c) 2011 Ian Norton


XamlPreviewer is rather like XamlPad for mono/linux. Built on top of moonlight you can view and edit Xaml files.



XamlPreviewer has been tested using mono 2.11 and moonlight 4 (beta) on debian and ubuntu. For best results, build your own mono and moonlight from github.

XamlPreviewer requires MoonBase ( )

You can either build using monodevelop / xbuild or by using mdtool. One useful way is to use mdtool to generate makefiles like so:

$ mdtool generate-makefiles -d:Debug XamlPreviewer.sln

And then build like a normal autoconf/configure package

$ ./
$ make
$ sudo make install

You can then run "xamlpreviewer"

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