Symfony2 Vagrant development setup with Nginx, MySQL,PhpMyAdmin, MongoDb and other handfull tools
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#Symfony 2 Vagrant Development setup


####This setup is based and tested with Ubuntu Precise 64 bit base box, with Vagrant 1.0.5 version (should be working with 1.1)

  • Install Vagrant using the installation instructions

  • If you are on Windows OS install NFS support plugin more information and detailed installation instructions: vagrant plugin install vagrant-winnfsd

  • Clone this repository

    $ git clone

  • install git submodules $ cd symfony2-vagrant && git submodule update --init

  • run vagrant (for the first time it should take up to 10-15 min) $ vagrant up

  • Web server is accessible with (IP address can be changed in Vagrantfile)

  • PhpMyAdmin is accessible with

  • Vagrant automatically setups database with this setup:

    • Username: symfony
    • Password: symfony-vagrant
    • Database: symfony

Installed components

Thanks to


####Startup speed To speed up the startup process use $ vagrant up --no-provision (thanks to caramba1337)

####Install Symfony Standard edition

  • SSH to vagrant $ vagrant ssh

  • Clone symfony standard edition to somewhere temporary

    $ git clone /tmp/symfony

  • Move symfony repository to server document root

    $ mv /tmp/symfony/.git /vagrant/www/

  • Reset repository to restore project files

    $ cd /vagrant/www && git reset --hard HEAD

  • Install dependencies

    $ cd /vagrant/www && composer update

  • Edit web/app_dev.php to allow host


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