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NOTE: The new version of PresenceLight for now has a requirement on WebView2. If you experience issues with PresenceLight, please install from this location

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App Versions

Application Type Platforms Readme
Desktop (.NET 6) Windows 10 (min Version 1803) Desktop Readme
Web (ASP.NET 6) Windows, MacOS, Linux (Debian, AMD x64, ARM, ARM x64), Web Readme

What is PresenceLight?

PresenceLight is a solution to broadcast your various statuses to various kinds of smart lights. Some statuses you can broadcast are: your availability in Microsoft Teams or color of your choosing. There are other solutions that do something similar to sending Teams Availability to a light, but they require a tethered solution (plugging a light into a computer via USB). What PresenceLight does is leverage the Presence Api, which is available in Microsoft Graph, allowing to retrieve your presence without having to be tethered. This could potentially allow someone to update the light bulb from a remote machine they do not use.

Blog Post

PresenceLight Demos

Supported Hardware

Light Type
Philips Hue (Local and Remote)
Philips Wiz
Any light which can be controlled via a GET or POST call to a web API

Configure Hardware


Please Contribute

I welcome all contributions here, as I am no expert in WPF/MSIX things.

Third Party Libraries

Presence Light would not be possible without the amazing work from the contributors to the following third party libraries!