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Java & Kotlin Async DataBase Driver for MySQL and PostgreSQL written in Kotlin
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jasync-sql is a Simple, Netty based, asynchronous, performant and reliable database drivers for PostgreSQL and MySQL written in Kotlin.

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Getting started

// Connection to MySQL DB
Connection connection = MySQLConnectionBuilder.createConnectionPool(
// Connection to PostgreSQL DB    
Connection connection = PostgreSQLConnectionBuilder.createConnectionPool(

// Execute query
CompletableFuture<QueryResult> future = connection.sendPreparedStatement("select * from table");
// work with result ...
// Close the connection pool

See a full example at jasync-mysql-example and jasync-postgresql-example.
More samples on the samples dir.

For docs and info see the wiki.



<!-- mysql -->
<!-- postgresql -->
<!-- add jcenter repo: -->


dependencies {
  // mysql
  compile 'com.github.jasync-sql:jasync-mysql:0.9.51'
  // postgresql
  compile 'com.github.jasync-sql:jasync-postgresql:0.9.51'
// add jcenter repo:
repositories {


This project is a port of mauricio/postgresql-async to Kotlin.
Why? Because the original lib is not maintained anymore, We use it in ob1k, and would like to remove the Scala dependency in ob1k.

This project always returns JodaTime when dealing with date types and not the java.util.Date class. (We plan to move to jdk-8 dates).

If you want information specific to the drivers, check the PostgreSQL README and the MySQL README.

You can view the project's change log here.

Follow us on twitter: @jasyncs.

Who is using it

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Is it used in production on large scale?


The graph above is from only couple of services using it. Y-Axis is # of queries per minute.

There is also a TechEmpower test using ktor and jasync-sql.


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Pull requests are welcome!

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