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DevOps Lab with GitLab Server

Dedicated GitLab server for managing source code, building and deploying projects. Secured with built-in platform SSL that can be upgraded to Let's Encrypt or higher level certificates for custom domains. Runners are automatically scaled vertically, horizontal scaling is available in a click.

Automation scripts inside the package perform the following actions:

  • Creates 2 system containers with pre-installed Docker Engine CE and docker-compose utility
  • Generates and installs self-signed or Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, as well as shares them with Runners via NFS volume
  • Injects dynamic environment variables such as tokens, passwords and environment domain
  • Deploys GitLab Server and Container Registry via docker-compose.yml in one Docker Engine node
  • Creates one Runner in a separate Docker Engine and registers it automatically in GitLab Server
  • Automates discovery of newly added Runners upon horizontal scaling

Deployment to the Cloud

Click the Deploy button below, specify your email address within the widget, choose one of the Jelastic Public Cloud providers and press Install.


Note: If you are already registered at Jelastic, you can deploy this cluster by importing the package manifest raw link within the dashboard.

Installation Process

In the opened confirmation window at Jelastic dashboard, set an Environment name and, optionally, customize its Display Name. Then, select the preferable region (if several are available).

By default, Jelastic will issue a platform built-in SSL certificate for your application, but you have an option to get a Let’s Encrypt for your custom domain if required. Then press Install.

Afterward, make sure that application is up and running by pressing Open in Browser button.

Use credentials from the successful installation message or received email notification to log in to admin panel.

Managed Hosting Business

To start offering this solution to your customers please follow to Managed PaaS Hosting Business


DevOps Lab with GitLab Server, Container Registry and Build Nodes (Runners)




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