Managed Kubernetes Hosting
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Managed Kubernetes Hosting

Managed Kubernetes clusters are highly available and multi-tenant deployments across availability regions in public or private cloud.

The clusters can be automatically installed on top of the Jelastic PaaS in two ways:

  • Clean Kubernetes cluster with two workers and one master node. The number of worker and master nodes can be changed while installation steps or afterwards. All the newly added nodes are automatically connected.

  • Pre-packaged application within Kubernetes cluster. While installation, there can be provided the URL to a YAML stack manifest. As a result, the cluster will be created already with the needed custom application deployed.

Managed Kubernetes Hosting Multi-Cloud

Cloud Native Applications

Easily containerize and migrate existing applications, run hyper scalable microservices and keep them resilient to failures, get extra savings due to more efficient resource utilization, implement CI/CD automation and develop at a higher level of speed in shorter release cycles.

Jelastic PaaS functionality allows to provision the clusters across multiple clouds and on-premises with no vendor lock-in, automatically scale them vertically and horizontally, start from one instance and grow up to thousands, manage the workloads via intuitive UI, as well as automate the DevOps processes with open API and Cloud Scripting.

Demo and Trial

Send us request to get early access and receive a Kubernetes cluster free trial for a month.

For large scale projects interested in scalable Kubernetes hosting, Jelastic provides professional services to assist while migration.

Managed Hosting Business

Interested in building managed hosting business offering Kubernetes services? Automated installation, scaling, updates and integrated billing simplify the management and support of customers requiring little to no involvement. Start offering managed Kubernetes hosting to your users with minimal investment of time and efforts.