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A teaching and testing tool for transformations in mathematics; this includes translations, reflections, enlargements and rotations. This project was originally made as part of my A-level computer science project for a local secondary school.
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Transformations is a free teaching and testing tool for transformations in mathematics; this includes translations, reflections, enlargements, and rotations. The program was originally developed for a local school as part of my A-level computer science project. I have now decided to make the project publicly available for free to any other school which could benefit from it.


Feature Summary

  • A scalable four quadrant grid.
  • A selection of pre-drawn shapes.
  • The ability to draw your own shapes.
  • The ability to perform all four translations onto shapes and watch them animate the transformation
  • The ability to create your own student and teacher accounts
  • The ability to sort students into classes and record their progress.
  • 8 different exams of varying difficulties on the topics of transformations
  • Much more!

How to get started?

The program on Windows 10 devices can be downloaded via the Windows Store, or you can download the .exe files under "realses" for pre-Windows 10 versions. The source code is also provided, so you can feel free to compile the program yourself or amend it; so long as you abide to the license agreement.

Please refer to the Wiki for the user manual in setting up, using and maintaining the software. Please also read through the license file before continuing. The summary can be found below:

License Summary

  • The software is intended to be used by schools or other educational institutes.
  • You may only use this software for non-commercial purposes.
  • You may edit the software to your needs, but you cannot then distribute this software.
  • No warranty, liability or support is provided, and you use the software at your own risk.

The above summary of the whole terms and conditions is in no way a replacement for reading the full terms to which you are bound.

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