RTOS for microcontrollers
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Join the chat at https://gitter.im/jimtremblay/nOS MPLv2 License


  • Preemptive or cooperative scheduling (depending on your configuration)
  • Can be tickless for battery-powered application
  • Binary and counting semaphores
  • Mutexes with priority ceiling or priority inheritance
  • Queues for thread-safe communication
  • Flags for waiting on multiple events
  • Memory blocks for dynamic memory allocation
  • Software timers with callback and priority
  • Software interrupts (signal) with callback and priority
  • Real-time module compatible with UNIX timestamp
  • Software alarms with callback
  • No limits on number of nOS objects, except your available memory
  • Tiny footprint (as low as 1KB ROM/few bytes of RAM)
  • Fully configurable (ROM and RAM)
  • Open source, royalty free
  • Win32 and Linux simulator available