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Visual tool for exploring and analyzing OLAP databases
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CubesViewer - OLAP Visual Viewer and Explore Tool


CubesViewer is a visual, web-based tool application for exploring and analyzing OLAP databases served by the Cubes OLAP Framework.

CubesViewer can be used for data exploration and data auditory, generation of reports, chart design and embedding, and as a (simple) company-wide analytics application.

CubesViewer is a visual interface for the open source Cubes server (an OLAP server in Python). Purpose is to keep it simple and modular, leveraging the web services provided by Cubes.


  • Cube explorer providing drilldown and cut operations.
  • Supports dimension hierarchies and date filtering.
  • Several charts and diagrams can be created.
  • View management, cloning, saving and sharing.
  • User Interface allows for multiple views on-screen.
  • Multiple modes: explore, data series, chart, facts.
  • Undo / Redo.
  • Multi-user.
  • Views can be embedded in other web sites.
  • Modular and extensible.

Online demos


Current CubesViewer version is 0.10. Works with Cubes 1.0.x.

CubesViewer version 0.10 - Works with Cubes 1.0.x

(Use older CubesViewer version 0.9 if you need to work with Cubes 0.10.x)


CubesViewer consists of two parts:

CubesViewer Client is a HTML5 application and can run directly in the browser. It can run without server side support as a standalone application, and views can be embedded in other websites. Simply download and open the src/htmlviews/gui.html file in your favourite browser.

The full CubesViewer application includes a server side Python Django application which supports features like sharing/saving and user notes. Requires Django 1.6, but it is optional (only needed if you wish to use the full application with user authentication, user notes or save/load/share support).

Of course you need a configured and running Cubes Server version 1.0.x or later. Note that your cubes model needs some extra configuration if you wish to use features like date filters and range filters (see Documentation below).

To be able for CubesViewer to connect to the slicer server, your slicer.ini should allow cross origin resource sharing. To enable this option, put allow_cors_origin: http://localhost:8000 (or the URL from wich your app will work, or an asterisk *) under the [server] section.

For further information, see the Documentation section below.


This tool allows users to inspect the different dimensions, measures and aggregated data in different ways, allowing you to build tables and charts based on the analytical data available from the server.


CubesViewer Chart Screenshot CubesViewer Chart Screenshot CubesViewer Chart Screenshot CubesViewer Explore Screenshot CubesViewer Explore Screenshot CubesViewer Series Screenshot


If you have questions, problems or suggestions, please get in touch. CubesViewer doesn't have a list on its own. Instead, please use the Cubes project mailing list:

If you are using or trying CubesViewer, we'd love to hear from you (tweet #cubesviewer).


Github source repository:


CubesViewer is written and maintained by Jose Juan Montes and other contributors.

See AUTHORS file for more information.


Cubes is licensed under MIT license with following addition:

If your version of the Software supports interaction with it remotely
through a computer network, the above copyright notice and this permission
notice shall be accessible to all users.

Simply said, that if you use it as part of software as a service (SaaS) you have to provide the copyright notice in an about, legal info, credits or some similar kind of page or info box.

For full license see the LICENSE file.

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