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CubesViewer - OLAP Visual Viewer and Explore Tool


CubesViewer is a visual, web-based tool for exploring and analyzing OLAP databases served by the Cubes OLAP Framework.

CubesViewer can be used for data exploration and auditory, generation of reports, chart designing and embedding, and as a (simple) company-wide analytics application.

CubesViewer is a visual interface for the open source Cubes server (an OLAP server in Python). Purpose is to keep it simple while leveraging the web services provided by Cubes.

See it live: CubesViewer site.


  • Dimension hierarchies, date filtering
  • Several charts and diagrams can be created
  • Explore, create data series, draw charts, see raw facts
  • Export data and images
  • Responsive design, tablet friendly
  • Undo / redo
  • Views can be embedded in other web sites
  • User Interface allows for multiple views on-screen
  • Optional multi-user server-side backend for saving/sharing views

Online Demos


Latest CubesViewer stable release is 2.0.2:

CubesViewer Server already includes the CubesViewer library so you just need that package if you plan to deploy the server-side application.

If you do modifications to the project, cloning both repositories via git is encouraged, so you can easily contribute your fixes and improvements back.


CubesViewer consists of two parts:

CubesViewer client is an HTML5 application that runs on any modern browser. It can run without server side support. Simply download the package and open html/studio.html in your favorite browser. Views can also be embedded in other sites.

CubesViewer also features an optional server side application which provides a full web application and supports features like sharing/saving views. This project lives on a separate repository: CubesViewer Server (not to be confused with Cubes Server itself).

You need a configured and running Cubes Server version 1.0.x or later. Your Cubes model may use some extra configuration if you wish to use features like date filters and range filters (see Documentation below).

For CubesViewer clients to connect to Cubes server ("slicer"), your Cubes server possibly needs to allow cross origin resource sharing (CORS). To enable it, add allow_cors_origin: * (or a more restrictive setting) under the [server] section of the slicer.ini file.

For further information, see the Documentation section below.


This tool allows users to inspect the different dimensions, measures and aggregated data in different ways, allowing you to build tables and charts based on the analytical data available from the server.


CubesViewer Explore Screenshot CubesViewer Chart Screenshot


You can use the Cubes discuss group for CubesViewer related questions, and report bugs or features via CubesViewer issue tracker:


Github source repository:

About versioning:

  • Tagged versions (ie. v2.0.x) are stable releases.
  • The "master" branch may be ahead the latest stable version, but is meant to be stable (fixes and documentation improvements).
  • Development and latest changes happen in the "devel" branch and others.


Using CubesViewer or interested in data engineering / data visualization? CubesViewer is an open source project and could grow up best with the help of fellow coders.

You can collaborate:

  • If you find bugs, please file an issue.
  • If you have a feature request, also file an issue.
  • If you fix bugs, please do send a pull request.
  • If you make reusable changes, please document those and send a pull request.
  • If you wish to take over a larger feature, get in touch through the Cubes discuss group above in order to plan for it collectively. Check the TODO.txt file if you need some inspiration.
  • You can also help improving the documentation or writing about Cubes/CubesViewer, and spreading the love.

If you are using or trying CubesViewer, we'd love to hear from you (please tweet #cubesviewer !).



grunt watch

This is the grunt task that watches the cubesviewer directory and generates the built library in the dist directory.

Can be tested using the html/studio.html application.


CubesViewer is written and maintained by Jose Juan Montes and other contributors.

See AUTHORS file for more information.


CubesViewer is published under MIT license.

For full license see the LICENSE file.