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This is a SuperCollider code editing and interaction plugin for Kate text editor.

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After you enable the Scate plugin in Kate's configuration window, you will be
able to access the Scate configuration page in the same window.

These are the configuration options:

- Sclang Command:
    The command to execute to start SuperCollider intepreter. If empty, the
    command "sclang" will be executed.

- Runtime Data Directory:
    The directory for SuperCollider's runtime data.

- Help File Directories:
    One or more directories where Scate will search for SuperCollider help
    Scate's help search can make use of the new SCDoc Documentation System's
    search engine, if it is found in one of the help directories. If not,
    Scate will look for help files with the same base name as the search term,
    so you can use the old help files as well.

- SwingOSC Java Program:
    The full path to SwingOSC java program.

- Start Interpreter With Plugin:
    This option controls whether SuperCollider intepreter is started immediately
    after the Scate plugin is.



Enabling the Scate plugin will add the "SuperCollider" menu to Kate's main menu
bar with options to start or stop the interpreter, sound server, SwingOSC
server, and more.

Scate will add two tabs to Kate's bottom tool area:

- SC Terminal: opens the window where the interpreter's output will be printed
  and code can be executed.

- SC Help: opens the window where you can browse and search for SC help files.

You can move these tabs to another tool area via the menu that pops up when
you right-click on them.


When the interpreter is running, you can execute code in two ways:

1. Below the interpreter output area there is a command line where you can
simply type in SuperCollider commands and execute them by pressing "Enter". You
can access previously executed commands with "Up" and "Down" keys.

2. You can let the interpreter evaluate SuperCollider code within a Kate
document by selecting it and invoking Ctrl+E shortcut or invoking respective
action in SuperCollider menu. If no text is selected entire current line is
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