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a "type-safe Go converter" generator

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goverter is a tool for creating type-safe converters. All you have to do is create an interface and execute goverter. The project is meant as alternative to jinzhu/copier that doesn't use reflection.

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Given this converter:

package example

// goverter:converter
type Converter interface {
    ConvertItems(source []Input) []Output

    // goverter:ignore Irrelevant
    // goverter:map Nested.AgeInYears Age
    Convert(source Input) Output

type Input struct {
    Name string
    Nested InputNested
type InputNested struct {
    AgeInYears int
type Output struct {
    Name string
    Age int
    Irrelevant bool

Goverter will generated these conversion methods:

package generated

import example "goverter/example"

type ConverterImpl struct{}

func (c *ConverterImpl) Convert(source example.Input) example.Output {
    var exampleOutput example.Output
    exampleOutput.Name = source.Name
    exampleOutput.Age = source.Nested.AgeInYears
    return exampleOutput
func (c *ConverterImpl) ConvertItems(source []example.Input) []example.Output {
    var exampleOutputList []example.Output
    if source != nil {
        exampleOutputList = make([]example.Output, len(source))
        for i := 0; i < len(source); i++ {
            exampleOutputList[i] = c.Convert(source[i])
    return exampleOutputList

See Getting Started.


goverter uses SemVer for versioning the cli.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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