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Announcement and disclosure #5

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FranklinYu commented Feb 8, 2018

I’m a friend of the repo owner. The current owner is not the original jteeuwen, and we have no relation with him, nor do we want to take any credit. We have no way to know what happened to jteeuwen.

The intention of this account and repo was simply to fix the building of a private project. The current owner had no way to directly redirect the repo, so he made such work-around so that he could safely go home without being blamed by his supervisor. And of course, hoped this would also save someone else trapped in similar situation.

Current status of this repo is the latest snapshot he has (and probably the latest snapshot). We do not intend to update this repo so far, since that is beyond our intention. There is some pretty good forks out there, well-maintained.

Sorry for the mess, and hope this didn’t hurt anyone.

Update: see gofrs/help-requests#7.

craigfurman added a commit to cloudfoundry/garden-runc-release that referenced this issue Feb 8, 2018

Use our own fork of go-bindata
There is confusion around what constitutes the most well-maintained
mainline for go-bindata.

The original repo owner deleted his account and someone reclaimed it.
See jteeuwen/go-bindata#5.

Also, there are many active forks of go-bindata.

This is hopefully a temporary measure.

[finishes #155027012]

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mmlb commented Feb 8, 2018

This repo should therefore be archived to better show the intent of the resurrection. Archived repos are readonly and still cloneable.


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FranklinYu commented Feb 13, 2018

@mmlb Archiving this repository means we cannot create new issue, or comment on current issues (including this one). There is not enough discussion for us to decide how to deal with #2 (only 4 visible participants), so I think I shall at least leave issues open.


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mmlb commented Feb 13, 2018

@FranklinYu those 2 packages in #2 have nothing to do with this repository and I don't think any new issues should be opened here. I would suggest creating a room, update the repo blurb to point to gitter for discussing jteeuwen packages and then archiving this repo. #2 has 2 participants and 2 thumbs, this has 38 thumbs and doesn't keep this repo looking like its alive for further than necessary.


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mychkin commented Feb 14, 2018

those 2 repos are missing as well:


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veily commented Mar 4, 2018

I had built a go-bindata organization to maintain this project from this branch.


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FranklinYu commented Mar 5, 2018

Ok guys, this repository will be archived. For all the discussion please go to


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T-Pham commented Jun 7, 2018

So anyone knows what happened to the original owner?

mekegi added a commit to mekegi/gotests that referenced this issue Jul 20, 2018

Changed to

the reason for changing go-bindata to esc - is:
`go-bindata creator deleted their @github account and someone else
created a new account with the same name.`


After research some of alternatives - `esc` - is looks like one of the
best choice

@bcho bcho referenced this issue Aug 4, 2018


go-bindata #7

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