Jupyter Dashboards Layout Extension
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Jupyter Dashboards - Layout Extension

Project Status: Inactive – The project has reached a stable, usable state but is no longer being actively developed; support/maintenance will be provided as time allows. PyPI version Build Status Google Group


The dashboards layout extension is an add-on for Jupyter Notebook. It lets you arrange your notebook outputs (text, plots, widgets, ...) in grid- or report-like layouts. It saves information about your layouts in your notebook document. Other people with the extension can open your notebook and view your layouts.

Dashboard layout screenshot

For a sample of what's possible with the dashboard layout extension, have a look at the demo dashboard-notebooks in this repository.


Detailed installation instructions appear in the Getting started page of the project docs. Here's a quickstart using pip or conda:

# install using pip from pypi and then activate the extension
pip install jupyter_dashboards
jupyter dashboards quick-setup --sys-prefix

# install using conda from conda-forge, no activation required
conda install jupyter_dashboards -c conda-forge


The Development page includes information about setting up a dev environment and typical dev tasks.