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JW Player is -the- solution for making video playback seamless across browsers and file types. It empowers the developer to interact with video programmatically to create unique and awesome user experiences.

Developer API Examples and Demos

Documentation and Support


The example below will find the element with an id of my_video and render a video player into it.

    // Create a jwplayer instance
        file: '/uploads/example.mp4',

    // Add a custom callback for when user pauses playback
    jwplayer('my_video').on('pause', function(event) {
        alert('Why did my user pause their video instead of watching it?');

Other callbacks that we provide include

  • play / complete
  • seek / pause
  • volume / mute
  • and more

You also have the power to programatically set any configuration within the player.

    function bumpIt() {
        var vol = player.getVolume();
        player.setVolume(vol + 10 );


Build Instructions

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Install Adobe AIR SDK
  3. Install Java
  4. Download player.swc 11.2
  5. Rename and move the .swc file to {AIRSDK_Compiler}/frameworks/libs/player/11.2/playerglobal.swc
    # First time set up
    npm install -g grunt
    npm install

    # Build using

After build, the assets will be available in the bin-release folder.

Software License

The use of this library is governed by a Creative Commons license. You can use, modify, copy, and distribute this edition as long as it’s for non-commercial use, you provide attribution, and share under a similar license. http://www.jwplayer.com/license/