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JW Player Logo

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/jwplayer/jwplayer

Plays everywhere, every time.

Live on over 2 million sites with 1.3 billion unique plays per month, JW Player is the solution for seamless video playback across browsers and media types. It empowers the developer to interact with video programmatically to create unique and awesome user experiences.

Official Documentation

This is the free version of JW Player. It does not contain the same features as the Premium, Platinum, or Enterprise editions. If you are a paid customer and want a player, please download it from the "Downloads" section of your JW Dashboard.

A Simple Example

The example below will render a video player into the div with the player id, listens to an event, and makes a few calls using the API.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <script src='LINK_TO_YOUR_PLAYER'></script>
    <div id="player">Loading the player...</div>
        // Setup the player
        const player = jwplayer('player').setup({
            file: 'LINK_TO_YOUR_FILE.mp4'

        // Listen to an event
        player.on('pause', (event) => {
            alert('Why did my user pause their video instead of watching it?');

        // Call the API
        const bumpIt = () => {
            const vol = player.getVolume();
            player.setVolume(vol + 10);

Check out an interactive example in this JSFiddle.


We appreciate all contributions towards the player! Before submitting an issue or PR, please see our contributing docs here.

Building the Player

We use grunt and a few npm scripts to build the player, lint code, and run tests. Debug code is built to /bin-debug, while minified & uglified code is built to /bin-release. Code is built with webpack, linted with eslint, and tested with karma, mocha and chai.


  1. Node.js
  2. Java*

* Optional, but required for building Flash. If not installed you must grunt with the --force flag.


  1. Fork the project, clone your fork, and set up the remotes:
# Clone your fork of the repo into the current directory
git clone https://github.com/<your-username>/jwplayer
# Navigate to the newly cloned directory
cd jwplayer
# Assign the original repo to a remote called "upstream"
git remote add upstream https://github.com/jwplayer/jwplayer
  1. Install the dependencies:
# Install grunt globally
npm install -g grunt
npm install
# Optionally, install webpack-dev-server
npm install -g webpack-dev-server
  1. Build the player:
# Build once, Flash and JS
# Complete Watch - builds FLash and JS, lints, and tests on each change
grunt serve
# Quick JS Watch - build only. Requires webpack-dev-server to be installed globally
webpack-dev-server -w --env.debug --port 8888 --output-public-path /bin-debug/
  1. Test your code:
# All browsers
grunt test
# Individual browsers - chrome, firefox, ie11, ie10, ie9
grunt karma:{BROWSER} e.g. grunt karma:chrome
  1. Lint your code:
npm run lint
  1. Setup git pre-push hook

Will lint and run unit tests on the branch before any push to remote

grunt hooks

Software License

The use of this library is governed by a Creative Commons license. You can use, modify, copy, and distribute this edition as long as it’s for non-commercial use, you provide attribution, and share under a similar license. http://www.jwplayer.com/license/