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Starting with android-10 google has removed the capability to get geo data from the media database so the main purpose of this app: show/find photos through a geographic map is gone forever.

I spend several months of work to implement a shadow copy of the media database but in the end a gave up.

APhotoManger is dead :-(


"A Photo Manager" with "A Photo Map", AndroFotoFinder

Enhanced, privacy aware Android Gallery App to manage local photos:



  • can hide photos from other gallery-apps/image-pickers.
  • Vault mode: If enabled unwanted photos cannot be seen.
  • photos are kept on local device. No upload to third party.
  • no adds, no usertracking, free open source, available on f-droid

Required Android Permissions:

  • INTERNET: to download map data from Open Streetmap Server
  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: to find out if wifi/internet is online to start downloaded geodata
  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to cache downloaded map data in local file system and to do file operations with the photos
  • READ_LOGS to read and save potential crash-logs to a textfile.

available on upToDown store available on F-Droid app store
DISCLAIMER Be cautious if you download "A Photo Manager" where the apk size is bigger than 1.5 Megabytes:


... features more detailed

Help wanted for further Translations

Current Project Status

Table of Contents

Contributing and Bugreports

Feedback, translation and contributions are welcomed.


If you like this app please consider to donating to .

Since android-developping is a hobby (and an education tool) i donot want any money for my apps so donation should go to projects i benefit from.