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Javascript-based HTML compressor/minifier (with Node.js support)

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HTMLMinifier is a highly configurable, well-tested, Javascript-based HTML minifier, with lint-like capabilities.

See corresponding blog post for all the gory details of how it works, description of each option, testing results and conclusions.

Test suite is available online.

Also see corresponding Grunt plugin & Ruby wrapper.

How does HTMLMinifier compare to another solution — HTML Minifier from Will Peavy (1st result in google search for "html minifier")?

Site Original size (KB) HTMLMinifier (KB) Will Peavy (KB)
Wikipedia 401.4 385.5 396.3
Stackoverflow 200.4 165.3 168.3
MSN 160 141 145
Amazon 245.9 237.1 225
ES6 table 117.9 82 92
HTMLMinifier page 48.8 41.3 43.3
Eloquent Javascript 890 860 872

Installing with npm:

npm install html-minifier

Options Quick Reference

Option Description Default
removeComments Strip HTML comments false
removeCommentsFromCDATA Strip HTML comments from scripts and styles false
removeCDATASectionsFromCDATA Remove CDATA sections from script and style elements false
collapseWhitespace Collapse white space that contributes to text nodes in a document tree. false
collapseBooleanAttributes Omit attribute values from boolean attributes false
removeAttributeQuotes Remove quotes around attributes when possible. false
removeRedundantAttributes Remove attributes when value matches default. false
useShortDoctype Replaces the doctype with the short (HTML5) doctype false
removeEmptyAttributes Remove all attributes with whitespace-only values false
removeOptionalTags Remove unrequired tags false
removeEmptyElements Remove all elements with empty contents false
lint Toggle linting false
keepClosingSlash Keep the trailing slash on singleton elements false
caseSensitive Treat attributes in case sensitive manner (useful for SVG; e.g. viewBox) false
minifyJS Minify Javascript in script elements and on* attributes (uses UglifyJS) false (could be true, false, Object (options))
minifyCSS Minify CSS in style elements and style attributes (uses clean-css) false (could be true, false, Object (options))

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