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πŸƒ Roll your own ad-free Mint clone for managing personal finances using publicly available APIs.
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Roll your own ad-free Mint clone for managing personal finances using publicly available APIs.

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Prerequisites: node (tested v11.6.0), yarn (tested v1.10.0)

  1. If you plan on using Plaid to fetch account data, sign up for an account and apply for the development plan. It usually takes them 1-2 business days to approve this request.
  2. Link your accounts and a spreadsheet to Mintable. Run these commands to walk through the setup:
git clone
cd mintable
yarn setup
  1. After completing the setup, run the following at any time to populate updated data into your spreadsheet:
yarn mintable

Note: If you started using Mintable before v1.0.0, you can run yarn migrate to migrate to the new web-based configuration framework.



Mintable simplifies managing your finances, for free, without ads, and without tracking your information. Here's how it works:

  1. You connect your accounts and a spreadsheet to Mintable.
  2. Mintable integrates with financial institutions to automatically populate transactions in your spreadsheet.
  3. You can add whatever formulas, charts, or calculations you want (just like a normal spreadsheet). We also have templates to get you started.


  • Locally hosted, open-source, 100% free, ad-free, no personal data tracking, no data stored by Mintable on central servers
  • Integrates with your financial institutions for fully-automated spreadsheet updates
  • Web based setup wizard and configuration framework:

Setup Wizard

You can see a full list of options in the Config Docs.


It's not working / I'm having trouble / I need help

File an issue or reach out on our Reddit community.

How is this different from build-your-own-mint?

  • build-your-own-mint is a set of scripts which solely facilitates the integration between Plaid and Google Sheets. It makes no assumptions about what you want your spreadsheet to look like, and you have to define your own logic to map transactions to spreadsheet updates.
  • Mintable is and end-to-end system that works out of the box. It comes with a setup wizard, a web-based configuration server, pluggable providers (you're not limited to just Plaid & Google Sheets), and a spreadsheet template.

Do I have to give my data to Plaid and Google? Are there any completely self-hosted alternatives I can use?

Do I have to manually run this every time I want new transactions in my spreadsheet?


Mintable initially started as a fork of Evan You's build-your-own-mint.

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