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AirPrinter Update AirPrinter to show use of UIActionSheet
AlertController Add AlertController project
AlertView Add AlertView to demo iOS 5 changes to UIAlertView
BUG TableView State Restore Added BUG TableView State Restore
Collection Move source files to subdirectory
DynamicText Update project settings for arch
Huckleberry Fix issue with orientation changes
MasterSlide Add a subvuew to the detail view XIB and assign gestures to it
Motion Remove erroneous code snippet
NibCollection NibCollection: Name each UISwitch
QReader Handle Camera Privacy Settings Failue
Refresh Refresh control now has a text label
RemindMe Added RemindMe project to repository
Restorer Define BUNDLEMINVERSION for State Restoration
SelfSize Resolve problem with initial line width
SpeakEasy Update project settings to remove arch
StaticTable Format README.markdown and rename in Xcode project
Stepper Merge of ARC-Conversion branch
Styles Add README to Styles project
SyncMe Remove observer when view is deallocated
TCNibLoad TCNibLoad - Initial release
TaskTimer Update TaskTimer README for shake to reset feature
ToDoSync reorg framework folder
TwitterSearch TwitterSearch cancel connection request when refreshing
WorldFacts Added OS X core data app to WorldFacts
LICENSE Add License file
README Added OS X core data app to WorldFacts



  See for details

  This README last updated: 27 March 2015


  AirPrinter    - Example of how to print from iOS
  AlertView     - Demo iOS 5 changes to UIAlertView
  AlertController - UIAlertController changes in iOS 8 
  Collection    - Simple collection view with popovers
  DynamicText   - Supporting dynamic text size changes
  Huckleberry   - Auto layout table view cells with varying row heights
  MasterSlide   - Implementing a mail app style split view controller
  Motion        - Adding motion effects to views
  NibCollection - Example use of IBOutletCollection
  QReader       - Capturing and decoding QR Codes
  Refresh       - Using a UIRefreshControl in a table view controller
  RemindMe      - Scheduling local notifications with UILocaNotification
  Restorer      - State Preservation and Restoration
  SelfSize      - iOS 8 Self Sizing Table View Cells (Huckleberry updated)
  SpeakEasy     - Text to speech synthesis
  StaticTable   - Using a storyboard to implement static table views
  Stepper       - Example use of UIStepper control
  Styles        - Using UIAppearance proxy to style UIKit controls
  SyncMe        - Example use of iCloud Key-value Storage
  TaskTimer     - Example of UIAccessibility Support
  TCNibLoad     - Example use of UINib class
  TwitterSearch - Example of using NSURLConnection to query Twitter API
  WorldFacts    - Both iOS 8 and OS X Core Data example
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