A top-down/breadth-first decision diagram manipulation framework
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Hiroaki Iwashita
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TdZdd 1.1

A top-down/breadth-first decision diagram manipulation framework

TdZdd is an efficient C++ library for manipulating ordered decision diagrams (DDs). Unlike the ordinary DD libraries that are optimized for efficient operations between multiple DDs, TdZdd focuses on direct construction of a non-trivial DD structure from scratch. It has three basic functions:

  • Top-down/breadth-first DD construction
  • Reduction as BDDs/ZDDs
  • Bottom-up/breadth-first DD evaluation

The DD construction function takes user's class object as an argument, which is a specification of the DD structure to be constructed. An argument of the DD evaluation function represents procedures to be executed at each DD node. The construction and evaluation functions can also be used to implement import and export functions of DD structures from/to other DD libraries.

Features of TdZdd include:

  • Support of N-ary (binary, ternary, quaternary, ...) DDs
  • Parallel processing with OpenMP
  • Distributed with sample applications
  • Header-only C++ library; no need for installation

This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.


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