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A Rust (very limited) pytest clone
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A simple pytest clone for Rust

rstest use procedural macro to implement simple fixtures and table based tests. To use it you need at least 1.30 toolchain and add follow lines to your Cargo.toml file:

rstest = "0.3"

The core idea is that every input arguments of your test function will be resolved by call a function with the same name. Example:

extern crate rstest;

use rstest::rstest;

pub fn fixture() -> u32 { 42 }

fn should_success(fixture: u32) {
    assert_eq!(fixture, 42);

fn should_fail(fixture: u32) {
    assert_ne!(fixture, 42);

Moreover you can use rstest_parametrize macro to implement table based tests. An example is the best way to explain it

extern crate rstest;

use rstest::rstest_parametrize;

    expected, input,
    case(4, "ciao"),
    case(3, "Foo")
fn strlen_test(expected: usize, input: &str) {
    assert_eq!(expected, input.len());

You can learn more on Docs and find more examples in resources directory and in rs8080 that use this module intensely.


Licensed under either of

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