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LDTP is the best cross platform GUI testing tool out there. Why? Because it works on Linux, Windows, OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and Palm Source. Your feedback is much appreciated, please send an email to Nagappan.

LDTP runs on


DE Requirements

  • GNOME Version - min 2.24
  • Accessibility enabled


  • pyatspi (python-atspi)
  • python-twisted-web
  • python-wnck
  • python-gnome

Optional Dependencies

Build LDTP on Linux

First checkout ldtp from github and cd into ldtp2.

$ git clone

$ cd ldtp2/

Then build and install.

$ python build

$ sudo python install

Note: If your GNOME version is less than or equal to 2.24, then use LDTPv1 (1.7.x)

Writing tests

It is best to read the documentation, so first cd into the doc directory.

$ cd ldtp2/doc/

Then you can either read ldtp-tutorial.rst in you favorite text editor or build a pdf. First install rst2pdf, then run:

$ rst2pdf ldtp-tutorial.rst

Then open the pdf in your favorite pdf viewer.

You can also refer to the following for more information:

Writing LDTP test scripts in Python scripting language LDTP API Reference page

Contact LDTP

We are in #ldtp on and are also available on the LDTP mailing list


So you want to help? Fantastic! If you are looking for ideas on what to work on ask on the mailing list or ping us in irc, we love meeting new people.

Generally the process is fork, make your changes, and make a pull request.