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DSP Emulator status

31/12/17 - DSP Emulator 0.18 Final. Source and all binaries updated.
All previous changes and...

    +Lazarus: Changed then way SDL library initializes the audio, using the newer functions
    +Better Open/Save dialogs. Now work the last directory used for each system
    +Changed where and when the SDL library is initializated
    +Fixed mappers 1, 4, 12, 67 and 68
    +Added mappers mmc6, 11 and 147
    +Added DIPs switches
-Knuckle Joe
    +Added DIPs switches and 2nd player
-Super Basketball
    +Added DIPs switches and 2nd player
-Iron Horse
    +Updated to version K
Please read the 'Whats New' for a full list of changes
Merry Christmas and happy new year!

05/12/17 - DSP Emulator 0.18WIP. Win32 binary and source updated.
New WIP update! Gauntlet HW completed!
    +CPU engine: Fixed reset state when is asserted (not pulsed)
    +M6502 CPU: Set BRK flag disabled on reset
    +M68000: Added M68010, and changed some opcodes
    +Slapstic: Enhanced some functions, added more revisions
    +Atari MO: Added Atari sprite system
    +Palette engine: added a function for 4bits+intensity palette generator
-Iron Horse
    +Updated to version K
-Gauntlet HW
    +Gauntlet: Completed driver, added video, sprites, audio and controls
    +Gauntlet II: Added driver with sound
-Atari System I
    +Peter Pakrat: Basic driver

21/10/17 - DSP Emulator 0.18WIP. Win32 binary and source updated.
After some health problems (visit to the hospital included), I publish a new WIP update
    +Slapstic: Added Atari Protection device
    +Pokey: Added the function to define ALL_POT call
    +Improved column scroll function
    +Added a specific function for shadow sprites
-Gameboy / Gameboy Color
    +Improved video timmings
    +Corrected colors in GBC
    +Fixed some control bits (Serial, IRQ, Joystick, etc.)
    +Corrected the function that compares line Y
    +Fixed HDMA functions in GBC
    +Improved HU-C1 and MMMM01 mappers
-Food Fight
    +Added default NVRAM load
    +Correct the size and data type of the NVRAM
-Sega System 1/2
    +Fixed Z80 timmigs
    +Added DIPs to all games and 2nd player
    +Improved sound IRQs
-Mappy HW
    +Super Pacman: Fixed sprites
-Tetris (Atari)
    +Added driver with sound
    +Ikari Warriors: Added driver with sound
    +Athena: Added driver with sound
    +T.N.K III: Added driver with sound

13/07/17 - DSP Emulator 0.18WIP. Win32 binary and source updated.
Enhanced Amstrad CPC emulation
-Game and Watch
    +Added 'Mario Bros.', missing graphics
    +Better sound emulation
-Amstrad CPC
    +Better CPC Z80 timings
    +Added configuration for tape motor, you can select if it is used in the emulation of the virtual tape or not
    +Improved video (registers, vsync, hsync, etc.)
    +Improved memory management, 512Kb expansion it's working properly
    +Improved interruptions
-Super Darwin
    +Added MCU, simulated protection removed
    +Corrected palette and VBLANK
    +Added 2nd player controls, dip switches and screen flip

11/06/17 - DSP Emulator 0.18WIP. Win32 binary and source updated.
At last I have emulated (not simulated) two Game and Watch games!. Thanks to MAME for the ROMs and the info.
    +SM510: Added new CPU
    +Simplified and standardized speaker functions
-Game and Watch
    +Donkey Kong Jr: Added game with sound
    +Donkey Kong II: Added game with sound

10/05/17 - DSP Emulator 0.18WIP. Win32 binary and source updated.
    +GFX: Added functions to rotate X axis and/or Y axis of a surface
-Psychic 5
    +Fixed intro
-Crazy Climber
    +Added driver with sound
-Return of the Invaders
    +Added driver with sound

28/04/17 - DSP Emulator 0.18WIP. Win32 binary and source updated.
        -Fixed stereo sound
        -Improved audio synchronization
        -Added final screen independent flip X or flip Y
        -Improved scrolling by independent rows and/or columns
-Improved zoom sprites (no more graps)
    +Deco BAC06
        -Converted to classes
        -Fixed bugs and more speed
    +Deco 16IC: Converted to classes
    +K051960, K05324x: Optimized sprites rendering
        -Support of two simultaneous audio chips
        -Fixed stereo support
    +K053260: Fixed stereo support
        -Corrected registers, mapped in memory
        -Added more opcodes
-Deco 0 HW
    +Driver optimizations
    +Added dipswitches
    +Baddudes: Added i8751, protection patches removed
-Caveman Ninja HW
    +Fixed raster interrupts
    +Robocop 2: Fixed video
    +Fixed sprites
    +Optimized driver
    +Added dipswitches
-Gradius III
    +Changed sound to stereo
    +Changed sound to stereo
    +Changed sound to stereo
    +Fixed audio (converted to stereo)
    +Fixed video (missing k051316 zoom/rotate)
    +Added controls
    +Added dipswitches
-Gauntlet HW
    +Basic driver
    +Added driver with sound, only missing ADPCM

11/03/17 - DSP Emulator 0.17b2 Final. All binary and source updated.
-All WIP previous enhacements
    +Fixed a bug when entering the options menu without starting a driver (Thanks to FJ Marti)
    +If a driver is not initialized when exiting the list, no buttons are displayed
    +Added multiple directories for arcade ROMS separated by ';' (requested by Davide)
    +Fixed enter full screen when changing from video menu
    +K054000: Added protection chip
    +K053246-K053247-K055673: Implemented functions to show sprites
-GameBoy/GameBoy Color
    +Rewritted the video functions
    +Corrected read/write of MBC5 mapper extra memory
    +Corrected the sound 'mode 3'
    +Corrected reading of the joystick/buttons when ussing the IRQ
    +Improved way to compare the current line that generates an IRQ
    +Improved timings of the current line
    +GameBoy Color
        -Corrected the size of the palette records. Fixed when the palette pointer is automatically advanced
        -Improved way to change speed
    +Improved loading a cartridge with an extra header before the data
    +Added mappers HuC-1 (to be confirmed) and MBC2
-Pacman HW
    +Added the rest of dipswitch
    +Added screen rotation
    +Crush Roller: Added driver with sound
-Galaxian HW
    +Fixed Scrambre sound, caused errors when closing the driver
    +Corrected audio initialization
    +TMNT: Changed the ROMS to 2 players version
-The Simpsons
    +Fixed video and audio
    +Graphics problems (possible bug in the CPU)
    +Changed the ROMS to the 2 Players version (requested by Davide)
-Vendetta (requested by Davide)
    +Added driver with sound

Please read the 'Whats New' for details

22/01/17 - DSP Emulator 0.17b2 WIP. Updated source and windows 32bits binary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        -General options -> Autofire -> Enable/disable
        -Independent for each button
    +CPU: Unified functions in/out with read/write
    +Tape Engine
        -Improved handling of 1-byte blocks in TAP tapes
        -Added control to avoid blocks of 0 length in TAP tapes
        -Corrected the length of the message block of the TZX tapes
    +After pressing F4 to record a snapshot, the file select screen no longer is shown each time a key is pressed
    +UPD765: Improved processing a track with 0 sectors (Corrects 'Tomahawk' from Spectrum +3)
    +Added Fuller joystick, and improved descriptions of other types of joystick
    +Fixed Cursor joystick, only works if selected
    +Improved Kempston joystick
-Galaxian HW
    +Moon Cresta
        -Improved sound with samples
        -Fixed a problem with chars/sprites


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