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The Libertine typeface family
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Libertine Fonts Logo

Libertine Fonts

Libre, multilingual font-family

The Libertine Fonts project is currently moving from Sourceforge to GitHub. You will already find the sources of the following typefaces here:



Libertine Fonts are published under the terms of following licenses:

  • GPL v2 with font-exception
  • Open Font License (OFL) v1.1

For further information see licenses folder.

Files and User Download

Contributors will find Libertine source files in the folder source-files. In the near future we will publish OpenType (*.otf) files in the in the folder font-files. As of yet you will find font packages (*.otf and *.ttf) at the old Sourceforge website.


If you have suggestions for improving Libertine Fonts and think about contributing to the project please contact GillianTL.

Please have a look at our illustrated Design Guidelines to gain an insight into our project.


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