LEDE/OpenWrt Packages composing LibreMesh meta-firmware for wireless mesh networking
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LibreMesh packages "Development" release (XX.XX)

LibreMesh logo

LibreMesh project includes the development of several tools used for deploying libre/free mesh networks.

The firmware (the main piece) will allow simple deployment of auto-configurable, yet versatile, multi-radio mesh networks. Check the Network Architecture to see the basic ideas.

Download Precompiled Binaries

This is the easiest way to first test and install LibreMesh in your router.

You can download a firmware image with generic configuration of the last release at downloads subdomain.

Customize and Download a Firmware Image Using online ImageBuilder

We encourage each network community to create its firmware profile on network-profiles repository and build the images with the online ImageBuilder. It generates and delivers customized firmware images (for example custom ESSID, IP range, additional packets or scripts...).

Building a Firmware Image on Your PC

The LibreMesh firmware can be compiled either using the easy to use lime-sdk tool or manually adding the feed to a LEDE buildroot environment.

Using lime-sdk

Refer to lime-sdk README.

Using LEDE buildroot

Clone LEDE stable repository, nowadays is version 17.01 (Reboot).

git clone -b lede-17.01 https://git.lede-project.org/source.git lede
cd lede

Add lime-packages, libremap and lime-ui-ng feeds to the default ones.

cp feeds.conf.default feeds.conf
echo "src-git libremesh https://github.com/libremesh/lime-packages.git" >> feeds.conf
echo "src-git libremap https://github.com/libremap/libremap-agent-openwrt.git" >> feeds.conf
echo "src-git limeui https://github.com/libremesh/lime-ui-ng.git" >> feeds.conf

If you want to use a specific branch of lime-packages specify it adding ;nameofthebranch at the end of the relative line. For example:

src-git lime https://github.com/libremesh/lime-packages.git;17.06

Download the new packages.

scripts/feeds update -a
scripts/feeds install -a

Select the router architecture, model and the needed packages in menuconfig.

make menuconfig

We suggest you to deselect the package dnsmasq from Base system section and to select dnsmasq-dhcpv6 in the same section. Then to deselect odhcpd from Network section.

Finally enter the LiMe section and select the wanted LibreMesh features, a good option is to select lime-full.

Compile the firmware images.


The resulting files will be present in bin directory.

Get in Touch with LibreMesh Community

Mailing Lists

The project offers the following mailing lists