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  1. RetroArch RetroArch Public

    Cross-platform, sophisticated frontend for the libretro API. Licensed GPLv3.

    C 9.7k 1.8k

  2. slang-shaders slang-shaders Public

    Forked from Themaister/slang-shaders

    C 210 91

  3. Lakka-LibreELEC Lakka-LibreELEC Public

    Lakka is a lightweight Linux distribution that transforms a small computer into a full blown game console.

    Makefile 1.7k 286

  4. libretro-super libretro-super Public

    Super repo for other libretro projects. Fetches, builds and installs.

    Shell 384 275

  5. libretro-common libretro-common Public

    Reusable coding blocks useful for libretro core and frontend development, written primarily in C. Permissively licensed.

    C 135 73

  6. libretro-samples libretro-samples Public

    A set of samples to illustrate libretro API.

    C 66 29


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