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A universal GUI for unit testing
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Lode is an open source Electron-based universal test runner graphical user interface. It is written in TypeScript and Vue.

Lode screenshot - macOS

Getting started

You can download the latest pre-packaged version here or choose a version from the releases page.

To run it locally, you must first clone this repository and run the following commands:

yarn install
yarn dev

Afterwards, to build the application for the current platform, run the following:

yarn build

Alternative, you can build the application in development mode to include the Development menu and Chrome's dev tools, which makes it a bit slower:

yarn build:dev

For other building options, refer to the package.json scripts.

Supported Frameworks

Lode currently supports the following testing frameworks:

For more information, see each specific framework's section in this page.


See for instructions on how to use the software.


Code is licensed under the MIT license.

Usage of the software is bound to its own terms and conditions.

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