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CLIM-based client for Maxima

This is a work in progress, and building this application is currently a bit harder than it should be.

Precompiled binaries

The easiest way to run the application is to use the precompiled binary that is available from the separate project:


To build the application manually, the following dependencies must be satisfied:

  • libfreetype development headers
  • libfontconfig development headers
  • libharfbuzz development headers
  • ghostscript
  • Maxima built from source
  • Freetype renderer enabled for McCLIM

To install the required packages on Ubuntu or Debian, install the following packages:

libfreetype6-dev libfontconfig1-dev libharfbuzz-dev

To enable the Freetype renderer, add the following line to $HOME/.sbclrc:

(pushnew :mcclim-ffi-freetype *features*)

Build and install Maxima from source

$ git clone maxima-code
$ cd maxima-code
$ ./bootstrap
$ ./configure --enable-sbcl
$ make
$ sudo make install

Build the documentation

Build helper binary:

$ cd infoparser
$ ./

Parse the Maxima texinfo documentation files by loading the infoparser ASDF system and call (infoparser:generate-doc-directory).

Build and run the application

Load the system maxima-client and run (maxima-client:maxima-client).

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