Serious security issue in Customer Address edit section #1107

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I have installed Magento2 latest beta version yesterday and was checking it today. I found a serious issue where customer can view/edit (yes EDIT!) another customer's address. It's very simple to reproduce, just change the ID of the address in the URL and you will be presented with that address to edit.

Proof of concept:

  • Register as a website user
  • Navigate to /customer/address/edit/id/[ANY-VALID-ADDRESS-ID]
  • View and/or Edit it
I will be able to see that address (even if it's not mine) and will be allowed to edit it without any issue.

The version I am using: Magento ver. 0.42.0-beta11

@vpelipenko vpelipenko added CS bug labels Mar 19, 2015

@kalpmehta, thank you for posting this issue. We'll check it immediately and fix ASAP if it is confirmed.


Internal ticket: MAGETWO-35333. We are working on this issue now.


Thanks for acknowledging and quickly checking into this.

@magento-team magento-team added a commit to magento/magento2-community-edition that referenced this issue Mar 23, 2015
@magento-team magento-team 0.74.0-beta1
* Various
    * Inline JS code is eliminated
    * Fixed XSS vulnerability issues
    * "Last login time" functionality is moved from Magento_Log module to Magento_Customer module
    * Implemented two-strategies JS translation
    * Improved backend menu keyboard accessibility
    * Accessibility improvements: WAI-ARIA in product item on category page and related products
    * Checkout flow code can work with separate DB storage
    * Unit tests moved to component directories
    * Addressed naming inconsistencies in REST routes
    * Added Advanced Developer Workflow for frontend developers
* Setup
    * Utilized Magento error handler in Setup application to convert errors and warnings to exceptions
    * Fixed error when private content handling doesn't work when HTML profiler and developer mode are on
    * Fixed error with packages uninstall using Magento Composer Installer failed for the last package
    * Fixed fatal error in Setup application, after ran composer install with --no-dev option
    * Fixed JS error when expanding list of modules at "Customize Your Store" step in installation wizard
    * Fixed JS error when going back to "Customize Your Store" step from "Create Admin Account" step in installation wizard
* Framework
    * New module Magento_MediaStorage is created and holds components from Magento_Core module
    * New module Magento_MediaStorage is created and holds components from Magento_Core module
    * Implemented JS resources bundling (server side pre-processing)
    * Zend_Locale replaced with Native PHP Implementation
    * Zend_Date replaced with native PHP DateTime object/functions
    * Magento\Framework\Exception\LocalizedException constructor is refactored
    * Magento\Framework\Validator\ValidatorException is renamed
    * Magento\Framework\Controller\Result\JSON is renamed to meet PSR standard
    * Library oyejorge/less.php is updated to the latest version
    * Refactored WebApi framework to support concrete types for custom attributes
    * Version used in SOAP declarations is now taken from routes declared in webapi.xml
    * Added ability to extend API data interfaces using extension attributes
    * Magento_Core module is removed
* Web API Framework
    * Factories are used instead of builders
    * Removed auto generation of builders
    * Made interfaceName a required parameter in Magento\Framework\Api\DataObjectHelper::populateWithArray method
* Performance
    * Increased caching coverage of Magento storefront pages: Cart, Register, Login, My Account
    * finished work around HHVM Compatibility
    * Fixed EAV caching on storefront
    * Optimized DI compilation for interception
* Design
    * New design in Backend
    * New messages design in Installation Wizard
    * New design for MAP on Catalog Frontend Pages
* Fixed bugs
    * Catch syntax error in module.xml files
    * Profiling of cache operations was permanently disabled
    * Session was not cleared when layout is cached
    * Page cache was invalidated by cron jobs after reindexing, even in case nothing is changed
    * Typo in method name in Adminhtml/Index/Grid.php
    * Missing validation of table prefix in 'Step 2: Add a Database' of Web Setup wizard
    * User hint of password strength validator in Web Setup wizard to be consistent with the algorithm used
    * New Logger cannot format exception and debug info correctly
    * Wrong styles structure
    * Customer is redirected to shopping cart by clicking on mini shopping cart after adding product
    * Gift Message information for Order level is not presented on frontend/backend orders
    * Wrong "customer_id" value for GiftMessages created using API service
    * No ability to place order for guest customer using API service
    * Shopping Cart was displayed partly broken if contained a Product with an image as a custom option
    * Impossible to add product to the shopping cart with Custom option of type="file"
    * Adding to cart dialog widget with MSRP price on product page is broken
    * Copy and Paste detector is run against test files that are blacklisted
    * Displaying the wrong price on product page when selecting an option for configurable product
    * Tax amount (tax on full shipping) is refunded, when partial shipping amount is refunded
    * Tax Calculation Based On Shipping Address, when the discount coupon is applied
    * Price (including tax) is shown on product page when configuration is set to display excluding tax
    * FPT is not applied in shopping cart and order for registered user
    * FPT not applied for registered users when FPC is disabled
    * "All categoryName" menu link is absent, subcategories are shown on hover of parent category
    * Horizontal scrolling appears when browser width is resized to mobile size
    * Broken design for "select store" element in CMS grid filter
    * Attribute value uniqueness isn't checked for custom product template
    * Category tree is not displayed in conditions for Catalog Price Rules
    * Remove hard coded IDs from catalog API code
    * Bottom margin for "Wishlist Search" Widget
    * Custom option image with limits view for frontend
    * Category page displayed outdated prices after catalog price rule was deleted
    * Cart quantity is more than in stock amount
    * Page layout configuration: not being possible to extend/override on the theme level
    * Page layout with custom set of containers causing fatal error
    * Reset password e-mails requested from second store view has link and name of the first main store
    * There is no ability to place order for virtual product with customer address attribute from backend
    * Specified details for Bundle product are lost after adding to wishlist
    * Customer address is set to non default after changing account information
    * Unable to save newsletter subscription information of customer in backend
    * Guest can't add product to wishlist while registering
    * Cron job for Shipping
    * Solution for issue with attributes with list of countries
    * Unable to generate variations while creating configurable product
    * Variations are created with Out of Stock status if configurable product has been switched from simple product
    * Impossible search Downloadable product using file title
    * Change order of loading integration tests (load config annotations before fixtures)
    * Impossible to upload files in Configuration
    * Creating shipment for an order
    * Price displaying on product page for bundle product
    * Display bug for tier prices
    * Required marker is displayed on wrong line in Backend
    * Categories' titles in Frontend navigation Menu overlap "expand" button on mobile
    * Backend Login form alignment for ie9
    * JS loader position for Backend
    * Display checkboxes on Update Attributes page via Mass Action
    * Removed Test\Unit from cached DI configuration, as it brings performance degradation
    * Impossible to place order with DHL EU shipping method
    * Updates while tables recreation in setup process
    * Pagination on downloadable products tab in customer account
    * Adding existing attribute on New Product page
    * "Manage Stock" is not saving for bundle product
    * Filter did not work for Order Total report
    * Error on reports for Order Totals if grouped by Year
    * Customer can't find Order on Frontend
    * Postal code is still mandatory for Non-US addresses that don't use it
    * Price of simple product isn't recalculated after selecting options on product page
    * Don't load bundle quantity from options on bundle page
    * It's impossible to remove added row from "Minimum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart" in config
    * It's impossible to add Product with required Custom Options of "Field" and/or "Area" type to Shopping Cart
    * Syntax error in New Shipment email template
    * Removed admin only web service route for using customer user password reset tokens and setting new passwords
    * Remove the relevant URL Rewrites configuration after removing a category
    * Static obsolete code test did not recognize partial namespaces
    * Magento breaks when set specific locale
    * An error on Shipping Method page which appeared on MultiAddress Checkout
    * Impossible to update Gift Message from backend
    * Impossible to create configurable product
    * Impossible to create new attribute through Product Creation page
    * Product Template page did not work in IE9 and FF
    * Product image could added only after double click in IE9
    * Inconsistent timestamp return for Magento admin panel timezone
    * Few problems with HTML minification
    * 404 page is displayed on any action with order that it viewed under guest
    * "500 Internal Server Error" in case of excess "Maximum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart" value
    * MAP link is displayed for a product on category page after delete Catalog Price Rule
    * Deploy script modifies LESS files with "@urls-resolved: true"
    * Zip code field is missing in customers addresses on backend
    * Impossible to add bundle product with required option to shopping cart without selecting all available options
    * Empty email is sent when a registered user changes password in the front end
    * Tabs widget does not initialize sometimes on Product Creation page
    * Fatal error when trying to send notify customer by email about shipment
* Tests
    * Fixed an issue with WebDriverException for iframes in functional tests
    * Added functional test for backend menu navigation
    * Replaced end-to-end test for online one-page checkout with injectable test
    * Replaced end-to-end test for admin user with injectable test
    * Replaced end-to-end test for catalog price rule with injectable test
    * Replaced end-to-end test for store view with injectable test
    * Increased integration tests coverage for Magento_Indexer module
    * Increased unit test coverage for Magento_Cms, Magento_Email and Magento_Sales module
* GitHub issues and requests:
    * [#533] (magento/magento2#533) -- Remove Allow all access in .htaccess
    * [#850] (magento/magento2#850) -- HTML Profiler and pub/static Resources
    * [#919] (magento/magento2#919) -- System information error when error is fixed but page wasn't refreshed
    * [#987] (magento/magento2#987) -- Fix mod_expires for dynamic content
    * [#1004] (magento/magento2#1004) -- Problem with template luma
    * [#1014] (magento/magento2#1014) -- php index.php update - Class Magento\Store\Model\StoreManagerInterface does not exist
    * [#1015] (magento/magento2#1015) -- After success setup/index.php update - "Missing required argument $engines of Magento\Framework\View\TemplateEngineFactory"
    * [#1016] (magento/magento2#1016) -- Backend Javascript Errors (new instalation)
    * [#1020] (magento/magento2#1020) -- Bug generating Sitemap Cron expression
    * [#1029] (magento/magento2#1029) -- Admin dashboard Most Viewed Products Tab issue (without product list)
    * [#1035] (magento/magento2#1035) -- Bug in Magento\Framework\Simplexml\Element::appendChild
    * [#1042] (magento/magento2#1042) -- Lost catalog rewrite url after page/list-mode/limit changed
    * [#1045] (magento/magento2#1045) -- Bad rendering frontend category menu
    * [#1048] (magento/magento2#1048) -- Make possible to upload SVG logo by admin
    * [#1052] (magento/magento2#1052) -- Fix history cleanup for missed cron jobs
    * [#1062] (magento/magento2#1062) -- Add check to see if PHP > 5.6 and always_populate_raw_post_data = -1
    * [#1082] (magento/magento2#1082) -- Fix incorrect variable name ($schema -> $scheme)
    * [#1086] (magento/magento2#1086) -- Email message containing non English character is displayed incorrectly on the receiver
    * [#1088] (magento/magento2#1088) -- Add developer mode example to .htaccess
    * [#1107] (magento/magento2#1107) -- Serious security issue in Customer Address edit section
snohe commented Mar 23, 2015

@kalpmehta, this has been resolved in 0.74.0-beta1. Thank you again for submitting this issue. We greatly appreciate your continued support in Magento!

@snohe snohe closed this Mar 23, 2015
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