remove and aviod javascript eval() calls #377

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gondo commented Oct 5, 2013

use JSON (native or parser to parse ajax response to JSON instead of eval('(' + transport.responseText + ')')

eval('var value = taxRates.value_' + taxClass); can be written as var value = taxRates['value_' + taxClass];


verklov commented Dec 27, 2013

@gondo ,
Thank you for reporting this issue! We have created the ticket in our internal bug tracker and placed it to the product backlog.

magento-team added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 14, 2014
* Fixed bugs:
  * Fixed inability to execute System Backup, Database Backup, and Media Backup
* Indexer implementation:
  * Implemented a new optimized Catalog Category Flat Indexer
* Cron improvements:
  * Added the ability to divide cron tasks into groups
  * Added the ability to run cron groups in separate processes
* Caching improvements:
  * Added a new mechanism to identify uniquely page content (hash-key for cache storage)
  * Added a tab for Page Cache mechanism in System Configuration
  * Implemented the ability to configure the Varnish caching server settings and download it as a .vcl file
* LESS pre-processing to CSS
  * LESS files in library, theme, module are automatically compiled to CSS during materialization
  * LESS files compilation caching mechanism added in Developer mode
* Modularity improvements:
  * Moved the Shortcut Buttons abstraction from PayPal to Catalog
  * Moved the Recurring Profile functionality to a separate module
  * Moved the Billing Agreements functionality to the PayPal module
* Improvements in code coverage calculation:
  * Added code coverage calculation in the clover xml format for unit tests
* GitHub requests:
 * [#377] (#377) Remove and avoid javascript eval() calls
 * [#319] (#319) No message was displayed when product added to shopping cart.
 * [#367] (#367) Improve the error message from the contact form
 * [#469] (#469) Can't change prices on different websites for custom options
* Updated the Customer service exception handling, and added tests
* Added usage of the Customer service to the Customer module, replacing some direct usage of the Customer model
* Updated various PHPDoc with the parameter and return types

verklov commented Feb 14, 2014

@gondo , we have processed the issue you reported. The code has been released in dev65. Thank you for your contribution to the Magento product development!

@verklov verklov closed this Feb 14, 2014

tang-yu added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 26, 2015

Merge pull request #377 from magento-fearless-kiwis/FearlessKiwis-MAG…

[FearlessKiwis] Port of M1 Braintree V1 code to M2

magento-team pushed a commit that referenced this issue Feb 22, 2016

okorshenko pushed a commit that referenced this issue Dec 14, 2016

Merge pull request #377 from magento-south/BUGS2.0.11
[South] Bugfixes backports to 2.0.11

- MAGETWO-57000 [Backport] Simple child product without a special price still shown as "was (original price)" #4442 #5097 - for 2.0
- MAGETWO-58058 [Backport] - [GitHub] Unable to add more than 1 product to a cart from Wishlist #5282 - for 2.0
- MAGETWO-57491 [Backport] - Maximum error count when importing because issue URL key for specified store already exists - for 2.0
- MAGETWO-57004 [Backport] - Scope selector on product page does not display all related websites for restricted user - for 2.0
- MAGETWO-58192 [Backport] - [GITHUB] Prices of related products on PDP changes according to product custom options. #4588 - for 2.0
- MAGETWO-57331 [Backport] - Changing Swatch attribute's property doesn't affect storefront - for 2.0
- MAGETWO-56859 [Backport] Attribute for Send Welcome Email From shows wrong store ID - for 2.0

@magento-engcom-team magento-engcom-team moved this from TODO to Done in branch [2.3-develop] Sep 12, 2017

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