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It is very frequent that I am editing code that deals with a collection and I want to print or log the query but finding the point at which the query is actually loaded is often not very easy and is often somewhere in core code which should not be edited. This patch allows one to set a flag on the collection so that when it is loaded it will be printed/logged.

E.g., from an event observer:

$collection = $observer->getCollection();
$collection->addFieldToFilter('foo', 'bar');
$collection->setFlag('print_query', 1);

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magento-team May 27, 2013


Closed. Will be published with nearest update.


magento-team commented May 27, 2013

Closed. Will be published with nearest update.

magento-team added a commit that referenced this pull request Aug 17, 2013
* Product management improvements:
  * Added ability to create variation on the Product creation page
  * Added ability to add attributes on the Product creation page. Attribute values also can be added directly from the Product creation page
  * Removed "Delete" button from the Product Edit page. Products can be deleted from Products Grid only
  * Enhanced Product Edit page
  * Improved visual styles and business logic for new category creation from product creation page
  * Updated button names for Grouped and Bundle products, added an ability to translate them
  * Changed design of all popup windows on product creation page
  * Simplified UI to add an attribute: made less fields there by default, restructured element positions, hidden rarely-used controls
  * Created a popup to select image for product variations
* JavaScript improvements:
  * Eliminated `json2.js` library since JSON parsing is bundled in all supported browsers
  * `Ajax.Autocompleter` is replaced with jQuery suggest widget for search in backend
  * `jsTree` jQuery plugin is utilized for User Roles, Api Roles, CMS Pages and URL Rewrites management pages in backend
  * Improved jQuery validation for credit cards
  * Added support of `$.mage.component` in some frontend themes
  * Further refactoring of JavaScript to use JQuery library:
     * Scripts are converted in the following modules and components: Centinel,, Payflow Link, Payflow Pro, Paygate, Paypal Express, Checkout, Captcha
     * Refactored Prototype-based implementation of validation in "New Category" dialog to use jQuery
     * Removing Prototype inclusion in several places
  * Enhanced menu behavior in backend
* VDE improvements:
  * Implemented inline translate tool for VDE
     * Added new dedicated button "T" in interface
     * 3 different modes: Page Text, Variable Text (for script texts), Alternative Text (for attributes)
     * Independent enabling of inline translation on frontend and in VDE
  * Modified some text messages in VDE and in themes management
  * Added ability to upload, browse and delete images and fonts that can be used in custom CSS
  * Added ability to duplicate a theme
  * Added ability to revert theme modifications to a last saved checkpoint
  * Improved theme's background image handling
  * Added alert, when deleting a block
  * Removed drag-n-drop feature
  * Refined and streamlined interface
* HTML improvements:
  * Enhanced accessibility in admin by labeling form fields
* Payment improvements:
  * Incorporated changes to the PayPal UI configuration from CE
     * Moved PayPal configuration to the Payment Methods menu section
     * Set the default value of the cUrl `VERIFYPEER` option to `true` for PayPal and added the ability to change this value
     * Changed the design and position of the configuration field tooltips
  * Removed support of Moneybookers payment method and underlying module in favor of 3rd party extensions
  * Implemented support of PayPal IPN protocol HTTP 1.1
  * Implemented a single place to configure credentials for Payflow Link and Express Checkout
* System Configuration improvements:
  * Added the functionality for creating nested field sets
  * Implemented the support for the extended and shared configuration fields
  * Added the ability to define dependencies between fields from different field sets
* `Varien_Image` library refactored:
  * Created adapters factory instead of class `Varien_Image_Adapter`
  * Refactored ImageMagick and GD adapters to make them testable
  * Added feature of generating image from text
* Support of Google services:
  * Changed module `Mage_GoogleOptimizer` to support Google Content Experiment instead of Google Optimizer
  * Implemented support of Google AdWords on the checkout success page
* DI improvements:
  * Added ability to configure DI for individual class instances
  * Added ability to pass differently configured instances to different parts of the system
  * Refactored proxy and factory generation mechanism
* Layout improvements:
  * Implemented all-new mechanism of layout merging and customization:
     * Convention over configuration approach is used, i.e. there is no need to declare layout files in module configs anymore
     * Added support for merged modular layout files in a theme instead of single `local.xml` theme file
     * All theme `local.xml` files are broken down and moved to theme modular layout files
     * All the layout files are broken into smaller ones - one layout handle per one file, so that code duplication cane reduced, when overriding layout files in themes
     * Covered new layout customization mechanism with integrity tests
  * Relocated several files, declared in layouts
  * Streamlined several design customizations
* Various improvements:
  * Refactored fallback paths to prevent searching of modular view files in non-module context, covered application with appropriate integrity test
  * Added configuration for limits on sending wishlist emails
  * Refactored default theme fixture in integration tests in order to divide it into smaller and easier to understand fixtures
  * Moved Currency Symbol module files from Adminhtml module to the module itself
  * "Contact Us" page is available through HTTPS only
  * Language selector for backend interface removed from footer. Language can be chosen on My Account page or on backend user edit page
  * Updated page titles in backend
  * Improved mechanism of notification and system messages in backend. All related blocks and controllers are moved to AdminNotification module. Enhanced visual representations of notifications: bubble for unread messages, popup for notifications and their descriptions
  * Updated text of some system messages, backend interface messages, backend menu items
  * Several classes are refactored to use Event Manager instead of `Mage::dispatchEvent()`
  * Improved test coverage of entry point classes
  * Improved authorization logic to be reusable with minimal configuration changes
  * Introduced App Area in Integration Testing Framework
  * Improved media entry point
  * Added plugins/interceptors support for easier extensibility of Magento functionality
  * Added `application_process_reinit_config` event, so that it is possible to react, when Magento config gets reinitialized
  * Added "less" to a list of files that are not published to the public directory during deployment process
  * Eliminated requirement of write access to `pub/static` directory in "production" mode. "Developer" and "default" modes still require write access to this directory
  * Improved test coverage of recently introduced `Mage_Core_Model_Config_` classes
  * Added proper description to the error message, shown when uploading too big file with a content to import
  * Refactored `Mage_Core_Model_Design_Package` - broken it down into several smaller classes according to the sets of responsibilities
  * Refactored Theme and Theme Service models to follow best practices of OOP design
  * Removed legacy API tests
  * Improved transparency of cache control by tag scope in the framework
  * Improved verification process for the application directories write-access by moving it to the top-level of framework initialization
  * Introduced separate configurable application directory to be used for merged Javascript files
  * Implemented support for minification of Javascript files; JSMin library adapter is created
  * Implemented explicit usage of cache type in collections; engaged it for website, store and store view collections; added tests for a number of collections
  * Implemented explicit usage of cache types in translations
  * Implemented explicit usage of cache types in layouts
  * Removed ability to set limits on maximal amount of categories, products, websites, stores, store views and admin users as an unusable feature
  * Improved and simplified path normalization methods in `Magento_Filesystem` component
  * Implemented proper exceptions instead of PHP warnings in `Magento_Filesystem` component
  * Introduced `Mage_Core_Model_ModuleManager` to provide "enabled" information about modules
  * Enabled following cache types in integration tests to improve performance: configuration, layouts, translations, EAV
  * Improved and refreshed design for backend
  * Removed "demo_blue", "iphone" and "modern" themes
  * Converted more backend grids from PHP implementation to layout declarations
  * Refactored experimental implementation of Service Calls Framework
     * All code from to `lib/Magento/Datasource` and `app/code/Mage/Core/Datasource` moved to `app/code/Mage/Core/DataService`
     * Added service calls support in Layout model
     * Fixed bugs and architectural flaws
     * Changed service calls declaration
     * Improved test coverage
     * Introduced mechanism to retrieve values from nested arrays by path
     * Added Invoker class to invoke service calls by given name
     * Added ability to define system configuration options via service calls. Refactored implementation for select field in XML
  * Refactored support of Twig templates
     * Removed experimental implementation of product view page with Twig templates
     * Template abstraction moved to separate module `Mage_Core_Model_TemplateEngine`
     * Modified various blocks and templates due to inability to call protected methods from templates
     * Improved test coverage
  * Refactored support for webhooks
     * Code that provides communication with outbound endpoint moved to library `Magento_Outbound`
     * Code that provides implementation of publish-subscribe mechanism and instruments moved to library `Magento_PubSub`
     * Removed experimental webhook implementation in client code
     * Used WebApi mechanism to provide authorization
     * Improved UI for working with webhooks in Magento backend
     * Improved test coverage
  * Removed support of callbacks from the framework
* GitHub requests:
  * [#71](#71) -- Add event prefix for Cms blocks
  * [#108](#108) -- Fix issue with `PHP_VERSION` on Ubuntu servers
  * [#110](#110) -- Fixes `Varien_Io_Sftp::write`, `Varien_Db_Adapter_Pdo_Mysql::insertOnDuplicate`
  * [#123](#123) -- Performance problem & memory leak in `Mage_Index_Model_Process`
  * [#125](#125) -- Ability to disable triggering controller action
  * [#148](#148) -- Fixed readability
  * [#156](#156) -- Event `adminhtml_cms_page_edit_tab_content_prepare_form` and `$form->setValues($model->getData());` in wrong order
  * [#161](#161) -- FIXED ``
  * [#176](#176) -- Add print/log query flags to collection
  * [#202](#202) -- Installer fails to detect `InnoDB` on `MySQL 5.6+`
  * [#215](#215) -- There is no sort-order "best value"
  * [#217](#217) -- Update `app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/locale/de_DE/Mage_Adminhtml.csv`
  * [#243](#243) -- Fix helper for determining system memory usage on Windows (pull request for issue #237)
  * [#267](#267) -- Issue with camel case in cusutom defined source models
* Bug fixes:
  * Fixed absence of a product for store view created after the product
  * Fixed incorrectly displayed or absent product image on configurable product pages
  * Fixed incorrectly displayed Tier Price message for Bundle product in backend
  * Fixed absence of configured options, when composite product is edited from wishlist
  * Fixed inability to set product rating from backend
  * Fixed bug with adding product with decimal quantity
  * Fixed bug with incorrect theme saving when wrong preview file is uploaded
  * Fixed incorrectly displayed error message when unsupported JavaScript file is uploaded while editing a theme
  * Fixed bug with incorrect price and stock availability information
  * Fixed absence of "Delete" button on Widget Instance and Edit Custom Variable pages
  * Fixed inability to change PayPal configuration
  * Fixed inventory return after cancelling order, paid with PayPal Website Payment Standard method
  * Fixed removal of all the items from shopping cart, when cancelling payment by PayPal Website Payment Standard method
  * Fixed issue with customer address saved in `sales_flat_quote_address` table as `null` or as default address instead of new one during checkout
  * Fixed hard dependency on GD extension during installation. Now the application can be installed if any of GD or ImageMagick extension is enabled
  * Fixed handling of creation a customer with already existing e-mail in backend
  * Fixed exception on customer edit page, when profiler is enabled
  * Fixed removal of "NOT LOGGED IN" customer group, when attempting to delete nonexistent group
  * Fixed absence of a welcome email for a new customer that is created in backend
  * Added validation of customer DOB
  * Fixed bugs related to "Add Store Code to Urls" configuration setting: the setting applied to backend and produced exceptions on frontend
  * Fixed inability to edit Newsletter Template
  * Fixed inability to preview Newsletter Template while creating it
  * Fixed inability to save Configuration from "Web" tab
  * Fixed incorrect roles assignment for backend users
  * Fixed incorrect message during checkout via Authorize.Net
  * Fixed inability to create order in backend with Authorize.Net as payment method
  * Fixed unexpected alert during one-page checkout
  * Fixed bug with broken RSS link on some pages
  * Fixed inability to delete non-empty customer groups
  * Fixed bug with absent tracking number in notification email
  * Fixed JS bug in bundle products
  * Fixed bug with missing product configuration in bundle products
  * Fixed absence of a summary for a configured bundle product on Product View page
  * Fixed bug with missing wishlist grid on customer configuration page
  * Added validation for the "Weight" field in Product Create/Modify admin form
  * Fixed infinite loop in reports, when one of the GET-parameters was not submitted
  * Fixed integration test that failed at the midnight
  * Fixed image placeholder, being displayed instead of Base image, in Product View page
  * Fixed multiple bugs in IE 8 and 9
  * Restored export for table rates
  * Fixed weight calculation for DHL
  * Fixed anchor categories, which didn't show products from child categories
  * Fixed exception, when applying catalog price rules
  * Disabled "State" dropdown for Tax Rates in countries, where there are no states
  * Fixed inability to save a CMS page
  * Fixed Javascript calendar in backend Customer grid
  * Fixed issues with fields validation on order management page
  * Fixed taxes on Bundle product page
  * Fixed "Rating isn't available" message on Edit Review page
  * Fixed lack of data in New Order emails, when order is composed at backend
  * Fixed exception message, when importing wrong tax rates file
  * Fixed editable multiselect control - new value was not shown there, when added
  * Fixed exception, when saving a configurable product without associated products
  * Fixed inability to properly save system configuration, when submitting files there
  * Fixed performance issue with excessive generation of category menu on "Add to Cart" page
  * Fixed amounts, being shown in a wrong currency, when viewing created order
  * Fixed calculation for amount of items, remaining in an order, after shipping and invoicing
  * Fixed wrong price, calculated, when ordering multiple bundle products in backend
  * Fixed issues with changing order statuses in backend
  * Tested backend design, fixed the discovered issues - general and browser-related bugs
  * Fixed order items, that have been shipped with Free Shipping method, to have "free shipping" status
  * Fixed issue with a State field being required in countries, where it is not mandatory
  * Fixed inability to upload a file via File custom option, when ordering a product at frontend
  * Fixed incorrect cron timezone settings
  * Fixed performance issues with product saving in case of concurrent search requests
  * Fixed bug in migration script
  * Fixed incorrect email when "Send auto-generated password" was hit
  * Fixed bug with missing category image
  * Fixed incorrect handling of `GET` parameter `isAjax` after session expiration
  * Fixed incorrect translation of "month" field for customer's birthday
  * Fixed Google Analytics script inclusion
  * Fixed bug with excessive custom rewrites after reindex
  * Fixed performance tests failure on login page
  * Fixed incorrect value for average rating on Edit Review page
  * Fixed bug with incorrect module configuration overriding
  * Fixed exception in Nominal Tax model
  * Fixed bug in sitemap URL used in `robots.txt`
  * Fixed bug with incorrect `custom_design` field value during export
  * Fixed bug with incorrect RSS title
  * Fixed CSS style for validation message in CMS widgets
  * Fixed bugs in `Mage_Tag` module on product creation page
  * Fixed incorrect Products In Cart report
  * Fixed incorrect price for bundles with default quantity more than 1
  * Fixed displaying of "Import Behavior" section in the `System -> Import` page
  * Fixed exception, when importing a CSV file with Byte Order Mark
  * Removed remains of code pools in JavaScript tests
  * Fixed bugs in shipping label creation
  * Fixed inability to save some sections of configuration
  * Fixed bug with empty "New Shipment" e-mail
  * Fixed inability to save Attribute Set in IE8
  * Fixed wrong tax summary for partial invoices and credit memos
  * Fixed bug with categories custom design, where the chosen theme was not applied
  * Fixed empty list of themes in CMS pages and Frontend Apps backend sections
  * Fixed fatal error, when trying to access a customer account in a non-installed Magento
  * Fixed Javascript error, when accessing system Design configuration in Chrome
  * Fixed wrong representation of a widget on frontend, after hiding and showing WYSIWYG editor during CMS page modification
  * Fixed exception, when using 2-level cache backend
  * Fixed random test failures in `Mage_CatalogSearch_Block_Advanced_ResultTest`
  * Fixed duplication of a view file signature, e.g. "file.ext?mtime?mtime"
  * Prevented tracking of merged Javascript files metadata (and re-merging them) in production mode
  * Fixed incorrect memory usage calculation in Integration tests
  * Fixed issues in performance test scenarios
  * Fixed inability to delete customer's address on frontend
  * Fixed incorrect "No file chosen" message, shown after a successful upload of product image placeholder in Chrome
  * Made "Print Order" page to display theme-customized logo instead of a default one
  * Fixed other bugs in management of categories, products, product attributes, product templates (attribute sets), customers, taxes and tax rules
  * Product creation fixes:
     * Fixed inability to search and select category in IE8, including via mouse
     * Fixed usability of category search tree field to not hang after entering each symbol
     * Fixed inability to select/change attribute for product variations (configurable product) in IE8
     * Fixed field highlighting and error placement after validation on "Create Category" dialog
     * Fixed validation of parent category to be a require field
     * Fixed bug with displaying special price for a product on frontend after the product template is switched to one without special price
     * Fixed incorrectly displayed regular price for products with catalog price rule applied
     * Fixed inability to upload an image in the WYSIWYG editor
     * Fixed Javascript error, when replacing variation image in IE
     * Fixed Javascript errors in production mode
     * Unified look of all the popups
     * Removed "Add Attribute" link, when Product Details section is collapsed
     * Fixed issue with product template selector menu, which was not shown
  * Shopping Cart Price Rule fixes:
     * Fixed inability to save Shopping Cart Price Rule with Coupon = "No Coupon"
     * Fixed saving of Shopping Cart Price Rule having specific coupon
     * Fixed absence of fields on rule information tab
  * Payment fixes:
     * Fixed PayPal Pro (formerly Website Payment Pro) to pass shipping address in request to PayPal service
     * Fixed triggering of a credit memo creation when Charge Back notification comes from PayPal
     * Fixed emptying shopping cart after canceling on PayPal page
     * Fixed error "10431-Item amount is invalid." when a Shopping Cart Price Rule is applied in Express Checkout Payflow Edition
     * Fixed PayPal Payments Pro Hosted Solution to send "City" in place of the "State" parameter for UK and CA, if Region/State is disabled in the configuration
     * Fixed ability to invoice order without providing payment using Google Checkout API
     * Fixed validation of a Discover card number
     * Fixed issues in configuration for payment methods: absence of "Sort Order" field, excessive fields with class name as a value, issues with form elements and groups
     * Fixed exception, when using 2-level cache backend
     * Fixed inability to place order with PayPal Payments Advanced and Payflow Link payment methods
  * VDE fixes:
     * Removed full file path information from the title of an uploaded store logo
     * Fixed bugs in VDE with color picker, file uploader, themes assigning, Remove and Update buttons for custom CSS
     * Fixed hint for the Scripts palette in dock
     * Fixed inability to upload more than one Javascript file
     * Fixed bug with improper scaling images in UI
     * Fixed inability to preview and edit a physical theme
     * Fixed inability to delete a block
     * Fixed inability to delete a background image
     * Fixed preview of a virtual theme in production mode
     * Fixed JavaScript tests
     * Fixed bugs with inline translation
     * Added validation to the theme name field
     * Fixed absence of error message in IE, when uploading unsupported file type in Theme Javascript
     * Fixed corrupting of a `custom.css` file, when saving Custom CSS text
     * Fixed wrong design of "Chain" and "Reset to Original" image buttons
     * Fixed color picker, being cut off by small browser window
     * Fixed bottom indent in "Quick Styles" panel - it was too big
     * Fixed corrupted layout of "Image Sizing" tab, when resizing browser window
     * Fixed "We found no files", being displayed all the time in the form to upload theme Javascript files
  * API fixes:
     * Added missing fields to SOAP API
     * Fixed inability to set default customer address
     * Fixed error message, when saving a customer with wrong email address
     * Fixed inability to create partial order shipment
     * Fixed absence of special price information in return of `productGetSpecialPrice` method
     * Fixed incorrect content length of server response
     * Fixed absence of `productAttributeAddOption`, `catalogProductAttributeUpdate`, `catalogProductAttributeTypes`, `catalogProductAttributeRemoveOption` and `catalogProductAttributeInfo` methods with WS-I mode enabled
     * Fixed absence of `catalogProductDownloadableLinkList` method
     * Fixed bug with incorrect credit memo creation when order item id is set
     * Fixed bug with inability to update stock status or price of multiple products in one call
     * Fixed `shoppingCartOrderWithPaymentRequestParam` method description in WSDL
     * Fixed inability to add comment to order without changing order status
     * Fixed incorrect redirect after SOAP POST request
     * Fixed inability to end session by `endSession` method
     * Fixed Save button for Web Services User Roles in backend
     * Fixed memory issue due to incorrect filtering for the single field in `salesOrderList` method
     * Fixed bug with getting product information by numeric SKU
     * Fixed inability to add configurable product by `cart_product.add` method
     * Fixed ACL initialization in WebApi
     * Fixed bug with the same cache key used for both WS-I and non WS-I WSDL files
     * Fixed bug with updating shopping cart by `shoppingCartProductUpdate` method
     * Fixed product id validation in `shoppingCartProductAdd` method
     * Fixed absence of tracking number in `salesOrderShipmentInfo` method response
     * Fixed absence of tracking number in shipment transactional email

magento-team pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Mar 23, 2015

Merge pull request #176 from magento-ogre/PR_Branch
[Ogres] Fixed Obsolete Code Test

joanhe pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Nov 17, 2015

He, Joan(johe)
Merge pull request #176 from magento-extensibility/MAGETWO-45467-remo…

MAGETWO-45467: Remove api annotation from TimezoneInterface

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Merge pull request #176 from magento-engcom/fix-insallation-error-com…

FIX composer installation error
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