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The Magento 2 development team will review all issues and contributions submitted by the community of developers. Contributions can take the form of new components/features, changes to existing features, tests, documentation (such as developer guides, user guides, examples, or specifications), bug fixes, optimizations or just good suggestions. To assist in the expediency of the review process, we strongly encourage you to follow all the proper requirements stated below in Definition of Done, before submitting any code for consideration.

Contribution Process

If you are a new github user, we recommend that you create your own free github account. By doing that, you will be able to collaborate with the Magento 2 development team, “fork” the Magento 2 project and be able to easily send “pull requests”.

  1. Search current listed issues (open or closed) for similar proposals of intended contribution before starting work on a new contribution.
  2. Review the Contributor License Agreement if this is your first time contributing.
  3. Create and test your work.
  4. Fork the Magento 2 repository according to github's Fork A Repo instructions and when you are ready to send us a Pull Request – follow github's Using Pull Requests instructions.
  5. Once your contribution is received, Magento 2 development team will review the contribution and collaborate with you as needed to improve the quality of the contribution.

Contribution Acceptance Criteria

  1. Code changes must be covered with automated tests and supplied along with the patch (or fork). Author chooses the best approach for testing as deemed necessary. See Magento Automated Testing Standard for additional guidance.
  2. New features or proposals must be supplied with documentation -- functional (how a feature works) or technical (how it is implemented/designed), or both.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to follow all requirements of the contribution process?

Yes. We strongly encourage that you follow the requirements as stated, before submitting your code or patch for Magento 2 development team's review. Properly submitted contributions will help the Magento 2 development team to quickly assess your contribution and incorporate it into the Magento 2 project if deemed beneficial.

Do you accept all contributions?

Not all contributions will be used or incorporated into the code for the project. The decision to incorporate the code or not is at the discretion of the Magento 2 development team.

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