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Logo RoboViz


RoboViz is a monitor and visualization tool for the RoboCup 3D Soccer Simulation League. This is a fork of the original version by Justin Stoecker hosted on SourceForge. Compared to the original version, major improvements have been made as can be seen in detail in the changelog.

Java 1.8 is required to build and run RoboViz. Pre-built binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac are available here. You can also build it from source using scripts/ or scripts/build.bat.

Except for the available shortcuts, the information on the original website is still largely accurate. A complete list of shortcuts is available via a help window opened with the F1 hotkey. Alternatively, it's also available as a .html file in resources/help/controls.html.

Command line arguments

Argument Description
--logMode Start RoboViz in log instead of live mode.
--logFile= Opens the log file at the specified path right away. Implies --logMode.
--serverHost= Overrides the server host specified in config.txt.
--serverPort= Overrides the server port specified in config.txt.
--drawingFilter= The initial filter used in the drawings panel - default is .*.


Contributions of any form are welcome. That includes:

Some basic contribution guidelines can be found here.