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parts and CAD data necessary to build your own Hoverlay, apps included
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Hoverlay II

Version 2.0

an modular, stackable open source vapor display.


All files licensed under GPL V3


Milled parts (for lasercuting: add drillholes), the material is 3mm PVC or acrylic (never put PVC into a lasercutter)

  • 1x becken-boden.dxf
  • 1x becken-seite-2x.dxf (contains two parts)
  • 1x becken-stirn-2x.dxf (contains two parts)
  • 1x kamin-2x.dxf (contains two parts)
  • 1x lufteinlass-2x.dxf (contains two parts)
  • 1x m-seite-logo-neu.dxf (logo is for engraving, not a cut-out)
  • 1x m-seite-schriftzug.dxf (text is for engraving, not a cut-out)
  • 2x m-stirn.dxf
  • 1x nebler-halter.dxf (contains 3 parts)

Printed parts

  • 12x stecker_halter.stl
  • 1x stromversorgung_1.stl
  • 1x stromversorgung_2.stl
  • 2x brightness_booster.stl (optional, for larger installations of 3+ Hoverlay II modules)
  • 4x supercomb_air.gcode (generated by supercomb_air.pde, a processing sketch)
  • 2x supercomb_fog.gcode (generated by supercomb_fog.pde, a processing sketch)

Other Materials

  • 4x ultrasonic atomizers
  • 1x 326mm long piece of ø25mm PVC tube (perforated with a driller) (optional/deprecated, use the brightness booster instead!)
  • 8x 80mm fans (min. 40 CFM)
  • 2x 60mm fans (for the brightness booster)
  • 2x male 3,5 mm rc car battery power connectors (for the brightness booster, i got these)
  • 6x male 3,5 mm rc car battery power connectors (for the Hoverlay II module, i got these)
  • 6x female 3,5 mm rc car battery power connectors (for the Hoverlay II module, i got these)
  • 6x female 3,5 mm rc car battery power connectors (for the power supply connectors, i got these)
  • 12x cable ring shoes (solder them to the connectors for attaching them to the stecker_halter.stl parts
  • strong power cables, more cable shoes, solder
  • plastics glue (for putting together the housing)
  • double sided adhesive tape (for installing the supercombs)
  • silicone (for water-tightening the vat, water tightening solder connections)
  • various screws, length mostly dependend on your case-fan height
  • appropriate power supplies for your electronics
  • a video or still image projector. A 3000 ANSI lumen projector doesn't hurt while a overhead or dia projector will also work. LED projectors are not recommended, for holographic projections use a light-field projector and/or add a few drops of LSD to the vat*


Raw versions of all apps are now included in the repository. Mind that the code has not been cleaned up, so it might not run or export immediately, because of wrong serial port names, missing sound files, etc. Don't give up, it's easy to make them run, the code is quite straight forward.

To do

- [x] write a bom - [x] nice power supply connector - [ ] clean up apps code - [ ] finish writing to do list

Credits and Licensing

Hoverlay II and all application code is licensed under GPL V3. This project would not have been possible without open source hard- and software. Special thanks the following open source projects, that have been used in making and/or are part of Hoverlay II:

Hardware Design:


Application Development:

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