Mapnik implemention of Mapbox Vector Tile specification
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A Mapnik implemention of Mapbox Vector Tile specification.

Provides C++ headers that support rendering geodata into vector tiles and rendering vector tiles into images.

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  • 0.6.x series: Build Status



Implementation details

Vector tiles in this code represent a direct serialization of Mapnik layers optimized for space efficient storage and fast deserialization. For those familiar with the Mapnik API vector tiles here can be considered a named array of mapnik::featureset_ptr whose geometries have been pre-tiled.

For more details see vector-tile-spec.

Building from source

If you do not need to build against an external mapnik, just type:


This will download all deps (including Mapnik) and compile against them.

To build and test in debug mode do:

make debug test-debug

If you have Mapnik, libprotobuf, and all the Mapnik deps already installed on your system then you can build against them with:

make release_base

Note: SSE optimizations are enabled by default. If you want to turn them off do:

SSE_MATH=false make

If building against an external Mapnik please know that Mapnik Vector Tile does not currently support Mapnik 3.1.x.

  • mapnik-vector-tile >=1.4.x depends on Mapnik >=v3.0.14
  • mapnik-vector-tile >=1.0.x depends on Mapnik >=v3.0.11
  • mapnik-vector-tile 1.0.0 to 0.7.x depends on Mapnik v3.0.x (until 3.0.0 is released this means latest mapnik HEAD)
  • mapnik-vector-tile 0.6.x and previous work with Mapnik v2.2.x or v2.3.x
  • You will need libmapnik and mapnik-config available
  • Protobuf: libprotobuf and protoc


Run the C++ tests like:

make test



See examples in examples/c++


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